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  1. I have a 12ft snowman that has a rip in the side of him from the ice storm last year. I was wondering if anybody here knew the best method to fix this. It is one of my favorites and, last I checked, would cost over $100.00 to replace. The fan still works fine, but the ice put a slice less than 1 ft long in him. Is there a way to fix this.
  2. Were the 4ft ones that you are talking about indoor or outdoor? Most of the 4ft models that I've seen said for indoor use only on them.
  3. I agree with not leaving them inflated during the storms. Winds can get stronger all of a sudden and cause unexpected accidents to happen. I like the idea of the buckets, and I have horses and buckets all around, but why didn't I think of that. I lost two of my favorite inflatables in last years ice storm and damaged another. After this years storm my snowmen are not rotating or blowing up inside their globe, and nothing happened to them, just deflated them one night (working)and when our power came back on plugged them in and they weren't working. Luckly the center pole that they rotate on was just tangled and not letting the air through. So far I have been lucky this ice storm, no damage. Last year lost two inflatables, and at least three (real)trees.
  4. Forgive me if this sounds stupid, but I will post anyway. Can you not find the green bulbs anywhere? If you already had the red net lights, but wanted green, couldn't you get the bulbs and sit down to watch television and change just the bulbsout. Or is there something that prevents this? I don't do very many net lights so I didn't know if this was posible.
  5. So just buy the 1000 of them and you and your wife can disagree with who lost it each year, but it won't matter, you'll have enough for a few lifetimes. Also thought I mightsuggest ebay. If you are lucky maybe you'll find another reindeer with the adapter to use as a guide and start a herd.
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