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  1. My C9's were Fed Ex yesterday.
  2. Dave H, Not yet. I got an email reply from Jacob on 22 July stating "these have not arrived yet but are expected to clear this week"
  3. I received an email from Jacob on 1 July. He said my C9's were going to be shipped on 15 Jul.
  4. Me to. Thanks Jacob. I didn't have one failure this year using your lights.
  5. Welcome Dewey. I'm in Woodhaven, south of the "D"
  6. I have seen your house on two of our local news stations here in Detroit.
  7. Frankenmuth is a great location.
  8. Its been talked about in the past but I never heard anymore about one. I would be very interested though.
  9. Do you offset the end of the arch from the edge of the driveway any? around 18 inches or so from the edge of the driveway.
  10. No failures with the MITS. Ordering more this weekend.
  11. Mike, I felt the same way you did this year. Just didn't have the Christmas spirit that much this year. I received a card in the mail from a family and it it made all the trouble well worth it. Motivated and planning for 2012.
  12. I have 3 arches across my single car driveway. I used 3 10ft grey electrical conduit (the kind that have the built in coupler) I use 36 inch rebar punded into the ground about 12 inches. Slide all three pieces together and put onto the rebar on each side of the driveway. I then tie a piece of wire to each arch and secure it to a stake so they dont blow over (learne that after the first year). Haven't had any problems since.
  13. Do you have to buy by the case? Or can I buy indivdual strings.
  14. No problem with any of my lights either. Hopeful for another group buy.
  15. I have had my arches for 3 years and never have had a problem. I use 36 inch rebar and slide the pipe over.
  16. Great store,They have tons of Christmas stuff that I thought was reasonably priced. They had a bunch of Snoopy blowmolds for $79, snowman with the pipe andalso the carrot nose. They had the large Santa face for $39 and even had some Halloween molds.
  17. I work 10 minutes away from that store. Come on payday.
  18. How difficult is it to replace?I have the same problem.
  19. Been to Home Depot. Lowes and Walmart. they all have nothing that I want. Was planning on trading some strings in for the LEd s at HD but they have nothing since I heard that the Martha Stwearts LEds are junk.
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