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  1. Yes, I pulled all of the bulbs and there are 100 of them. The label states 2/50 strings, 12v input, 2.5v .34A bulbs. Some kind of standard would be nice. LOL Guess I will just use all of the bulbs from this other string and see what happens
  2. Yes, but now am more confused. When I used those 0.42 watt replacement bulbs it made the whole string light brighter. White instead of the yellowish glow and then a lot burned out. So now not sure what could have caused this. Thanks for the explanation though.
  3. Ahhh. That explains it. The light string says .34A, 120V and there are 100 bulbs. The replacement pack says it is .42 watts. Hence my confusion. I do have some mini light strings 100 count, 2.5v .34A, so those should work I do believe. Do I need to convert these to watts? 120v * .34A = 40.8 watts/100 = .408 watts per bulb? So still a bit confused. thanks
  4. I tried to fix a burned out bulb on one section of my artificial tree. I replaced the bulb with one of those 2.5v bulbs from a 5 pack of lamps. All of the lights burned really bright and then blew out about half of the bulbs. I suspect that it was a super bright and I need something else. i found a bunch of bulbs on Bulbsamerica, but am a bit confused. The bulbs on the tree burn with a nice warm glow. Anyone know what (K) bulbs are? They also have (CEG) bulbs. Thought about using the lights from a mini string, but they are all super bright. Any idea what the correct bulb is I need? T
  5. When I researched my Lincoln, I had this same thought about quality and the different models and contacted Lincoln Electric. There is no difference between the HD model and the same welder you get anyplace else. They are just packaged and branded differently according to Lincoln.
  6. Just like any business these days the key is to diversify. They are just trying to extend their retail season. They were also advertising costumes for Christmas....Mrs Santa, elves, etc.
  7. You could make signs that say something like Santa's sleigh parking only, put them in buckets filled with sand or something like that. Not as obtrusive as orange cones. Or paint the cones in a festive pattern....
  8. Ok, I got a bit confused there. Thread started talking about PAR LED floods, went to mnkyboys site and found none of those, but a totally different product.
  9. And that URL would be????? Never mind. It is buried under the links. Might want to move that to the main page.
  10. Looking to add the dripping lights to my display for next year. I am looking for recomendations for brands amd suppliers. Looks like a lot of variety out there from tubes to lights that actually look like ice. What have you tried and did they work well?
  11. This is what happens when you start posting start and end times. You set expectations. Instead post "Lights will be on starting when I **** well please and off when I **** well please. If you get here during that time, enjoy the show."
  12. Nope, that pic is not in his PDF instructions. That would have cleared up a lot of confusion if it had been or a diagram showing that.
  13. I see a lot of chatter about what to call these, but not much on construction. I thought I saw a thread someplace where 3 in PVC was used. Places around here seem to only carry 2 in PVC, but do carry 3 in ABS. What is everyone else using? Is PVC stiff enough to stay straight in 10ft lengths? How did you put yours together? Anyone sleeving these? Is there a minimum pole diameter that looks good? I was thinking of 10ft poles with either 8 channels and no top or 7 channels and a topper.
  14. I notice a common problem with mega trees and that is light string failure. I had some icecicle lights start to fail on me after 3 seasons. Sections would not light up. I installed with those push on plastic clips that attach to the fascia board using a pole. To remove, I would just take one end of the light string, pull and the clips would zip right off. This probably was not wise as I expect it put a lot of stress on the socket connections which are not that stron anyway. I am thinking this could also be the cause of a lot of light failure on mega tree strings. Supporting the weight
  15. Thanks for the replies. I did pick up MAKE: Electronics: Learning by Discovery, a breadboard and ordered an Arduino kit. I have been building electronics kits for years, just never knew what everything did. Am a firm believer that one learns faster by doing. Was thinking of getting one of those x00 in one kits also. First project is a Bellagio light pole simulator to help program my sequences.
  16. Not really the same principal at all....at least not on the bumper jacks I ever used. The jacking mechanisim connected to the bumper and rode up and down a static pole...jacking up the car. The jump however from what I see is mounted to the 2 inch pole with a support between it and the base. The jack is upside down so the mechanisim pushes on a push rod which contacts a clamp on the top of the 1.5 inch pole. I thoroughly understand the concept. Jack up a foot...set pin in 1.5 pole to keep it from sliding back down....crank jack back down. Nobody has bothered to explain the next process.
  17. Well I have never been one to worry about how cheap it would be. I am just lazy. HAHAHAHA. I even hate cranking my ATV trailer up off the hitch on my truck!
  18. Ok, you jack up the section a foot. Put a pin in the pole to hold it. Crank jack down. Now this is where I am fuzzy. You now have a 1 ft gap between the top of the jack and the bottom of the pushrod if the top of the pushrod is still in contact with the clamp on the lifted pole. Do you add another section of pipe to the push rod for the next lift? Do you move the entire jack up? I think this is where people are getting lost. I know I am. A video of someone doing the whole lift process would be a great benefit.
  19. One of the shortcomings that has been mentioned is the short throw of the trailer jack used. You only get 1 foot of lift or so before you have to reset. That is a lot of cranking. Has anyone thought of modifying the design and using an electric tongue jack like the attached pic? Adds a bit of cost, but easier to push a button instead of cranking.
  20. Did you build your own light strings or just space out standard strings?
  21. What do you mean by sleeves? Can you point me to the previous thread?
  22. Here is one for all of you electronics gurus. I am tired of being electronics challenged. Where would you suggest one get started to learn to build and understand circuits? I have checked the local community colleges, but not sure what is just book work and what is practical experience. Any suggested courses? Books? Online stuff?
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