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    Jesus's birth; though I realize it is generally told incorrectly I'd rather it be told than not at all.
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    Niceville, Florida
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    Electrical Engineer, Christmas light enthusiast, married to the most beautiful woman ever & I love Jesus!
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    Christmas lights, Airsoft, Guns, Audio Visual Productions.
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    Test Developer for Survice Engineering
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    96chs, roof lights, 2 sets of icicles, nativity scene, 15' mega tree, 8' mini-mega tree, 4 fire sticks, 4 leaping arches, strobes, holographic figurines, pathway stars & candy canes & garland.

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  1. You should come by my house then
  2. First, Welcome to PC! Yeah you will need moooreee Thanks for serving our country.
  3. A much more complicated way would be relays for each receptacle run into a timer. http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail&name=PB621-ND The timer would turn the coils on using low amperage and the contacts would turn your lights on. Hope it helps,
  4. I was wondering what the Test-100's principle way of fixing lights was. I know it's high voltage electricity, but I am wondering how high. Basically the specs I guess? I'd like to build my own instead of buying one. Oh, and yes I know about electricity, so no need to tell me that I could kill myself with this. Thanks,
  5. Yeah, ditto. I guess we aren't getting our cords??
  6. First, Welcome to PC!! yeah, It all depends on the layout and such I normally take from last week in oct. to Thanksgiving when they all come on to set up roughly 22,000 lights all computer controlled with 80ch's LOR. This year I'm getting started late because life does that to you... so during my thanksgiving break i'm gonna set all of them up (yeah killer I know), but tis what I gotta do. On a different note Dec. 15th? Isn't that a little late most of the guys like to turn their stuff on around Thanksgiving. Just wondering, no biggie... Enjoy the fellowship of members here and the help
  7. Blarg, when did you order yours so that i may further approximate my ability to receive cords or not?
  8. I think as far as music it's good, but as far as sequencing goes I don't see many songs that are Christmasie?? enough... very interesting album to say the least.
  9. Thanks guys, but I have someone who i'm in contact with now. Sorry about the confusing post I'll try to not make that mistake again... Thanks PC-guys/gals
  10. I hope I get an email either way... I would prefer to know before the 30th...
  11. I'm in need of ~35 clear mini's on green wire preferably 1.25 ea. + shipping. Thanks,
  12. Me too! $5.00 is 1/8th of a lawn mowing job If you get to keep your controllers I'd gladly help! If you still insist on selling your stuff I could use ~35 boxes of white incandescents on green wire. But would prefer you keep your stuff. Nathan
  13. When did you order them? I might be in a rut without those for a sound gig on the 31st.
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