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  1. I also used the PVC poultry netting. Once I zipped tied them to the metal, I then zip tied the lights to it. By having the PVC, I felt it would keep the lights from sagging.
  2. Hello from Bakersfield. Anyone else from the central valley? J Raymen, I used to live at Edwards AFB and worked in Lancaster. Still have friends in Rosamond. I am going to have to make the trip down to see the display this year. Chris
  3. This topic has gotten a bit off from the OP's question. Blinky-blink vs. chasing and when to play/whether to play certain speeds, are great topics, just not in this thread. (Not that I haven't hijacked a thread or two in my day, but I would also like to hear some song suggestions.) Here are two I thought about for this year: Sleigh Ride by Al Hirt (instrumental) Go Tell it on the Mountain, Unknown artist, but it is on the "Christmas on the Boarder" CD
  4. Thanks Tom & Tim. I have a 1 story house, so 20' might be kind of overpowering for normal flag use. I was hoping I could extend just a few section to get it around 13-15'. I plan on ordering it tonight. Luckily, I don't have to worry about much ice in Bakersfield. Dust, yes...ice, no. Thanks again! Chris
  5. Quick qeustion about the sunsetter flagpole: Is the heiht adjustable? I see that it says it goes down to 7 feet and is extendable to 20'. What height adjustments can you make in the middle though? For instance, can it be 12', 14', etc." Thank you. Chris
  6. It doesn't matter what the first quote was, get a second opinion...then a third. I always get a couple of bids for any work I am going to have done. Usually, someone is going to overcharge, someone will undercharge (usually because they do subpar work) and then others will be in the middle of the road.
  7. I'm glad I came across this. I was explaining to my buddy (who is an electrician) this exact setup. I already have a 50a 220v outlet in my garage. I had it put in when I built the hosue in case I ever needed to run something out there. Glad I did. Thanks for the pictures. Had 16ch last year, 80 this year. This is exactly how I planned to power the extra channels.
  8. I am a flight nurse on a helicopter. We often find ourselves over my house if we cancelled going out to the Interstate. I've seen my display from 500' many times. I just have to figure out my camera for this year so I can get a good picture and some video. Also, I found some other people in town who are also animated...it's pretty hard to miss. I found 2 in particular right after Christmas '07, but didn't get a chance to search them out before the season ended. As I type this...we are getting a call that will take us right over my house. Good luck with all those c9's. Oh, and don't point anything like flashlights or laser pointers at an aircraft...its illegal and dangerous. OK, off my soapbox.
  9. Very nice house and location. We built the year before I found out about animation. I put in a lot of outlets into the garage, but they are all on one circuit. I also had a 50amp, 220v outlet put in (they called it a "welder outlet.") I don't own a welder, but I'm glad to have the outlet now. Double check their work and point out mistakes as they go along (not to the workers, but tell the forman or the sales people). I didn't realize until over a year later that the 50a outlet had a 30a breaker. They even marked the panel "50amp welder". Luckily, the wire guage was right and all they had to do was switch out the breaker. By the size of the house, I would guess 200a service is standard. Have them upgrade to 400a. Like other said, hundreds now, thousands later. Although, it is on a 30 year payment plan...oh well. I paid about $40 an outlet, probably would have been more if they were each on a dedicated circuit. Outlets on the eves is a great idea. Mine came with one on a switch. They even called it the "Christmas light outlet". Oh, if they only knew. One other piece of advice, if you have, or are ever planning to get a satalite dish for your TV, have them run coax to an outlet boxwhere you think the dish will go. I hadn't thought about it, but it makes it MUCH easier on the install later, not to mention a cleaner look. How long is the building process?
  10. Daniel wrote: Daniel (or anyone else). This can probably go overto the electrical forum, but I wanted to keep it all together in the thread. I have tried to do the calculations on total amps and want to make sure I get it correct. Hope this doesn't get too confusing! Here is what I know to be true: Watts=Amps X Volts Volts=120 (I'm using a standard electrical outlet) Amps=30amp controller at 80% power = 30 x .8 = 24 amps available. 24 amps per controller with 16 channels = 24/16 = 1.5 amps per channel So to find how many watts each chanel can handle: W=1.5 x 120 That is 180 watts per channel. Seems if I put each star on a separate channel, I can have some pretty big bulbs (I don't plan on using big bulbs though). Is my math right (don't worry, I won't hold anyone liable for simply agreeing with me on my math skills. I also won't name names if my American Flag burns down:shock:...but I'm going to do everything to prevent that!!:smile:)
  11. MattKat wrote: Yikes...$2600! I just ordered more controllers from LOR during their sale. I have 80 channels now. That can easily handle a flag (only need 64 channels to get each star on its own channel). That is the effect I am going for. I already started to synch the music. Jrock64, I second the request for pictures of how yours is made. Thanks for the help everyone.
  12. RedNeckChristmas wrote: Very good reply! Mind if I borrow it? I was cleaning out my gaage the other day when a couple pulled up looking for their dog (which I hadn't seen). As they pulled away I heard the wife say "Hey, that's the people that do the Christmas lights!"My wife couldn't help but laugh at me and my big smile.
  13. Thanks TK, that's the idea of what I want to do. I would like to make each star on a different channel though. The pegboard idea may be better than plywood. Also, the kit is for a 2' X 39" flag. I'm looking to do a 4' X 7.6'. Next year ( hopefully after the addition of even more channels) I would like to add "fireworks". I just won't have the channels this year. ndiaz: Sorry if this is a supid question, I don't own many C7/C9 sets, nor do I make a habit of cutting my light sets up. So could I cut each bulb off with some of the wire left for slack and put on a male plug? Would the other end just get wire nutted? That would give me 24 individual bulbs or so per strand. (I know some people aren't big on giving technical electrical advice on the forum, so I do have a buddy that used to be an electrician that I can get to help me with that part.)
  14. OK, so I haven't even taken down my Christmas Lights and I am already planning for the 4th of July. My plan is to get 3 more LOR controllers this spring for a total of 64 channels. I want to make a plywood American Flag with lights that I can sync to it. Field (1ch) - Covered with blue mini's Stripes (13ch) - Each stripe covered with red/white mini's as needed Stars (50ch) - Here is where I need help. What would you recommend for the lights? I want each light to be on an individual channel. It wouldn't really be efficient to use 50 strands of C7 or C9 and black out the unused bulbs. What about cheap lamp sockets? I found a site that has them for $1.10 each for 50 with a 6" lead? I figure I could use low watt bulbs so it isn't overly bright or hot. Also, I live in Bakersfield, CA. There is about a 0% chance of rain or foul weather, so I'm not too worried about that either. Any other ideas would be great. Chris
  15. I also live in Bakersfield and this year (2007) was my first with LOR. I only have 16 channels. I plan on taking everything down monday/tuesday. If you are available, let me know and I can show you the set-up before it all comes down. Heck, while you're there, I can show you how much fun it is to take stuff down too!! Just kidding. It may at least give you an idea of what 16 channels can do as well as seeing the software in action. If you watch KGET (ch 17),Alyssa Carlson did the weather from our house the Friday before Christmas. Feel free to send me a message if you are interested. Good luck, looking forward to seeing another show in town next year. Chris www.leonelights.com
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