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    Married 17yrs
    4 kids (7yr, 5yr, 3 yr, & 2 yr)
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    Bowling, Sports, and activities with the kids
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    Over 30,000 lights
    I just started adding LED's (10,000)
    1 Mini-mega and 9 mini trees
    3- 20ft arches w/fans (7ch each)
    Several wireframes, blowmolds, and airblowns
    32 LOR channels and EDM transmitter
  1. I made 3 arches using 7 channels with 200 lights per channel they are 20 ft long 1" PVC. I used 2 - 10 ft pieces that I connected using a "T" at the top and at the ends so I could make a bottom connecting piece as well which was connected using a cross fitting so a center pole could be used in the middle for support. Th middle and bottom poles were painted black. It's approximately 12 ft across and 7 ft high. I'm using a 3 ft piece of conduit on the ends and a 6 ft piece in the middle with no guys wires and its been very stable. I'm hoping at the end of the season I can lift the complete s
  2. Hi Jeff, I used MrC a couple years ago and if I remember correctly it would only handle 2A on each outlet. Depending on the type of light you use, LED vs Incandecent, you may be limited by the amount of lights you can use. I made 10 = 1/2" arches using 2 colors with 100 lights on each one; they looked nice. With LOR I still use them as a fence but have also made 20 foot arches using 1600 lights on each one. I would wrap an arch and see if it looks like you imagine it would be. My 2 cents. Larry
  3. Yeah, I'll do that. Did you ever end up adding any arches to your display? I made 3 - 7 channel ones with 200 lights per sehment 20 feet long with fans in them; it should look pretty cool when I finish them. Now to get some sequencing so I can actuallu use them properly. lol. Anyway I look forward to seeing your display again with the kids.

  4. I have 3 arches that are 20 ft long using 7 channels with 200 lights per segment. I'm planning on having fans inside of each arch as well. Now to figure out how to sequence them or add them to my existing ones. Also, due to channel limitations all 3 arches will do the same thing as well as the fans but each will have their own dedicated channels so I can control the fans or the arches differently.
  5. Hey Bill, the displays coming along nicely as always. I still need to get on the roof, wrap the chimney, set out the yard, and finish the fans on the 3 leaping arches. I have most of the trees assembled along with the mini-mega, driveway and yard arches are done along with the leaping arches. So far I have about 7,500 lights up with another 12,000 to go. I'm way behind where I normally am but with 4 kids under 6 its hard to really get going.
  6. Hey Bill, Long time since I last talked to you. I made the jump 2 years ago to LOR and just added 16 more this year for 32 total. Haven't really had a lot of time to sequence the extra 16 though. Sequencing isn't my best but will have to do; alot of people don't really notice the things I do though. I heard my neighbor Rob stopped by you and talked. Are you still bowling? Does your wife still bowl at Oak Forest? Congrats on the new addition as well. I'll be stopping by sometime with the kids to check out your display. Talk to you later. Larry Kincade

  7. Awesome prices, thanks Dan!!! The CTB16PC Complete is $16 cheaper than last years tax years reduction.
  8. Brian, I'm not sure if this is the site but its the one I'm familiar with. http://www.landolights.com/main/content/view/82/39/
  9. I use this arch to get 15 extension cords over the sidewalk. I will then wrap it with lights to blend it in along with hanging a few larger lighted ornaments.
  10. Bill, Not sure if you're talking about this but here's the link. Larry http://www.quartzhillchristmas.com/12.html
  11. houdy Larry how u been and waz new with ur display?? bull

  12. Another thing about LED's is placing them on your roof if you get any amount snow. The bulbs don't generate enough heat to melt the snow this also is a problem with bushes.
  13. Scott, Thanks again for taking the time to setup this operation. I received mine from batch #3 last week but haven't really had anytime to get it working; heck I still have my LOR kit in the box. It's just nice knowing its sitting there waiting for me. Now to figure out what to buy at the LOR sale. Thank You, Larry
  14. I have candles, snowmen, santa's, and soldiers that I use for my malibu lights.
  15. Scott, I tried PM'ing you but I keep getting an error saying PM disabled. Can you please send me the link for the sale as I'm looking to get the LCD. Thanks for putting this together. Larry
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