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  1. Bowen


    Post Source: New* Pvc "heli"
  2. Love my strobes from CDI, five years now and they look great every year.
  3. Mine are 20" incandescent folding shimmering snowflakes. I cant remember where I ordered them but I will start replacing the with the led ones. Christmaslightsetc.com has them. [sharedmedia=videos:videos:506] This is last year.
  4. Wow I am so behind, I am only 15% done with mine, to much work.
  5. Bowen


    I only have the video
  6. Yes, they are up there until they fall off or the ridge shingles need replaced
  7. Just took some quick pics
  8. Roofline: I wanted to share how I installed my lights on the roofline this year utilizing www.liteclipstrip.com I had five goals 1. not to damage the shingle seal by placing clips under the shingle year after year 2. faster installation 3. even distribution 4. keep the lights from blowing off the roof 5. little to store off season The lite clips strips solved all these issues I used exterior liquid nails and the strips are on tight.
  9. Bowen

    Green Lights

    I could not find green lights at Lowes, Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge so I ordered them online. I have not tried Ace Hardware and Home Depot has not got their lights yet.
  10. Has anyone tried making these with rebar? I am thinking about trying it.
  11. Ramsey fm100b fm stereo transmitter with antenna 275.00 + shipping I also have four LOR1602W for sale 225.00 + shipping Richard Bowen
  12. I just pound the center # 4 rebar into the ground, then i just wire the pvc to the halo, I just set the pvc bases on the ground.
  13. I did add a halo to the 10' tree's as well. it kept the stems from all swinging to one side. I just took a ten foot peice of #3 rebar and bent it with my foot and attached it to the #4 rebar with rebar wire. Worked great.
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