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  1. my bad.... you are correct I read too fast ... but i am still guessing that is what he is trying to get across....... .....np... now can we get back to talking about Xmas lights??? LOL! -Gris-
  2. Hey Chuck..... Although this IS a "Xmas site" . note the "now on 26's" in his sig line. He is obviously a car guy, and 26" rims are considered "pretty cool" if you are into that ..... ......now on "26 channels" would probably be a bit more impressive in this forum though..... Happy Holidays all.......... .....it's almost time!!! -Gris-
  3. GENTLEMEN!!! START your engines!!!! ......'tis the season....... We all know "about" how long it takes us to get done, and if you need to start now, then NO it is not to early, but if you find yourself DONE, loooooong before Thanksgiving ..... well then me'thinks you might have started just a tad bit early!!!! Nice job on the roof btw!!!! -PT-
  4. ......naaah! I don't think it is "just you"..... I think $15 is a bit pricey also.... I guess we are just "lucky" here in Texas, all of the "chains" in the Dallas area have had Xmas lights out for over a month now...... Other than some "satin finish" golds and purple, I am good to go!!! Happy holiday's everyone!!! -PT-
  5. I have them on my house also, on two circuits, one for second floor, and one for first. I agree, was great when static, but tracing wires and putting pigtails on 'em seems like a lot of work. The "silver lining" however is, getting power to the controllers is no problem. C'mon Thanksgiving!!! -Gris-
  6. ...will do......... we don't get much snow here in the Dallas area, but you can count on rain! ... silicone and wire nuts, and weather proof black tape have been a necessity from day one!!! ..... Thanks for lookin out for me!!! -Gris-
  7. Thanks Ted, .......... I may just have to "splice" some pre-existing extension cords to make them the right length. -Gris-
  8. I USED to think that retailers putting out Xmas stuff b4 thanksgiving was a bit tacky, and was somewhat commercializing Xmas, even though I was a light-a-holic, I still thought it was a lil early. As i grew "older" I learned to accept that, and halloween became my new "threshold", and I have been living with that for several years now......... TODAY!!! I went to "H*bby L*obby" to pick up some "cemetery easels" and when I walked in the front door ..... what did I see..... XMAS STUFF..... lighted trees, wreaths, the works... well you know it was like a "magnet" .... LOL... "don't look at
  9. Thanks Bill..... that would be it! -Gris-
  10. FOUND IT!!! ............ It is the component in the back in this picture..... http://www.animatedlighting.com/products/mp3pro.asp -Gris-
  11. If I can figure out how to post a pic I will do it.... I actually "saw" it on the AL web-site, but I have clicked everywhere and cannot locate it again. It is not an "open board" it is in a white enclosure with dials, slots, and lights on it. The only documentation I have on it says Serial #MB-8654-SMP3-8655 ....does that help? -Gris-
  12. I am in posession of a brand new Monster Brain and in researching what else I need to get 48 channels up and running, well let's just say it is out of my price range... so i have decided to go with LOR............ .....now I have done my "homework" , so I am not going to give it away..... this is not a fire sale....... lol, and if I get "low-balled" to death here, I guess I can always put it on E-bay and see what it brings..... I am pretty sure it is the MonsterBrain "Power" series, minus the enclosure and"retail" with the enclosure is $499.00. I found their site a bit difficult to navig
  13. I have what feels like "miles" of landscape wire. The buriable kind, like used on Malibu low voltage lights. It is about a 1/2 and 1/2 mixture of 12/2 and 10/2 copperstrand wire withheavy insulation and UV resistant etc. etc. It is the heavier grade, not the real cheap stuff. As I have used cheap extension cords on way "heavier" circuits in the past, with no problems... (knock on wood) my question is..... ......... would this wire be suitable to make "custom length" extension cords to go from controller to light strings. Of course I would use the 10/2 on the heavier circuits. If th
  14. John, The pleasure was all mine!!!... That next "scotch" is on me! Thanks for the welcome, and YES BABEEE!!!! 32 channels on order as of tomorrow..... lol, gonna try to squeek in 48, but 16 is for sure!!!!! Happy Holidays!!! -Me-
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