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  1. thanx, I will stick to buying my strings and using rope lights for other things. I am not about to get into Ohm, resistance, and other things. Too much trouble.
  2. Gary, I only saw a little of the video and I love it. I really like the idea of not having to buy a controller just for the expansion. Good work.
  3. Thanx. That is what I thought. But never hurts to ask.
  4. Does anybody know if you can get bulk LED strings and cut and make your own stings to a specific size?
  5. None of neighbors complained last year, but I want to keep it that way. Actually most of my neighbors think I am nuts. The Mr. Christmas works great, it puts on a nice show they only need a speaker port or something to make thing really good. I like that this years model plays all 20 songs instead of just 10 at a setting. Heck they could put the FM transmitter right in the thing and it would be the perfect setup for most people. Personally it is a great starter but I think I want to upgrade anyway. If I am going to have extension cords running all over my yard I might as well go all out with t
  6. The soldering is my problem, I can find someone to do it I'm sure. But now I am looking at the cost and it might be better to wait and just get LOR next year.
  7. OK thank you! Again I appreciate the help. Christian
  8. Well, I don't want a Waco on my hands! But you think soldering would be better then wire connectors? I probably could find somebody to do soldering,I must know some one. And I am pretty much convinced on just going right to the FM transmitter. I have made some calls and think I have found one that will work. I haven't taken the box apart yet, but if I just what do you think about just putting a jack in the side of the box and connecting the speaker wire right to the jack? Then I limit the damage to the box and there is not as much extra wire to play with. That seems like it would be best.
  9. OK, I have a Mr. Christmas lights and sounds unit. It plays music on a self contained speaker. I want to tap into it with an rca jack as shown earlier in this blog. I believe that it would be best to just plug a fm transmitter (with its own power source) into that jack I would be able to broadcast over an fm signal, therfore not annoying my neighbors as much. I guess you would have to more familiar with the set up, but ther is a link earlier in this forum that shows the inside of the set up. I can not do soldering but, I can tape into the speaker wires, so I figure that would be the best wa
  10. I know I needa receiver for the mic. I am not certain how to transmit with a regular mic as I have nothing to plug it into. Plus I am limited in where I can put my Mr. Christmas, I don't think I can put it indoors anywhere. I found some that see to broadcast on an fm channel, which I though would work.
  11. Could I plug a wireless mic with fm transmitter into that? Should give me the range I need. I need less then 100' of range. It seems like a simple battery powered mic would work. could go through a lot of batteries but sure would be cheaper and easier. I can handle speaker wires, but soldering might be past me.
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