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    For me, I have many favorites, they range from Displays I have done to people I have encountered while working the Christmas Tree lot selling or delivering Christmas Trees.
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    Maricopa, Arizona, USA
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    I am 34 years old currently, have been decorating my houses since 2005 and assisting with my parents and in-laws since 2000 or so. Now that i have 3 kids it means even more to me to have the best display possible to allow them to enjoy every moment of it. I love making others happy and allowing them to enjoy the Christmas spirit through my lights. My wife is a huge support with allowing me the time to get everything done. I work 2 jobs during the season normally, the 2nd selling and delivering Christmas Trees.
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    Outdoors, making everyone as happy as I can and giving my family the best life possible.
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    Over the past 12 years I have taken static displays to adding twinkling and gone from Ceramic C9s to slowly converting to LED. I cover as much as I can each year with time permitting and try to add more every year after.

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  1. Hey Jim, that is very awesome, I like the brightness of the colors. I would definitely be interested in how you made it and or any more pics you could provide. I would like to get my sign up this year yet and am running out of time as everyone else is. awesome job on your sign!
  2. That is very cool, what type of lights did you use? Mine is just going to be a static display so i will not have to deal with channels or a controller. Thanks for the great info.
  3. Ya i will probably use plywood, just because it is easy to get. the sign is just going to read "Welcome to....." and i just want it to be really lit up, so that is why i was wondering what type of lights work best and what not.
  4. Thanks for all of the help, I may just put some lights on them and use them as pedistals for something just not sure yet.
  5. I live in the alterra community which is south of the railroad tracks on the west side of highway 347.
  6. I am trying to make a giant sign, and not sure really where to start. If it is something i want to re-use every year what would it be best to make it out of? What kind of lights should I use, mini, C7, C9..... for the letters of the words? The sign probably needs to be 4' tall by 8' long. Any suggestions to get me started? Thanks
  7. I have these cylindrical frames that i am trying to figure some sort of use out of with lights possibly. The tallest is 14" and the shortest is about 3". I can get countless amounts of these over time. All help is appriciated and thanked. Here is a picture.
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