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  1. From Gillette here....
  2. I bought out all the clear 100ct lights at Lowes. They had just under 200 boxes, but no red or green! It looks like I will be unable to find reds and greens for a project I wanted to complete this summer for next year. Am I the only one that is unable to find many colored minis? Dan
  3. Doug, I used them for trees and misc bushes and have not experienced many issues. I have one set of Green wrapped around my donation box and 1/2 of it quit the other night. Been WAY TOO COLD to go out and fix it. 14 below is a little too cold to be out wokring on the display. Dan
  4. We will light up ours on Sunday evening as well. Gotta go to the inlaws for Thanksgiving, so the show sits ready to go for Sunday evening! Dan
  5. I'm in the same boat with the weather.A foot or so of snow on the ground here. Everything is frozen, my mini trees are burried in drifts... And my (Wooden) snowmen are frozen to the ground.. It will be another month before I have 100% taken down...
  6. I just returned from both. Neither were marked as 75% off, they were both still marked as 50% off. I checked the pricing and both are ringing through at 75% off here. When I checked at Home Depot, the Assistant Managers reply was, well they didn't tell me. She scanned an item and was suprised when the lights were 50 cents a box. I stocked up at both. :laughing:
  7. We're doing the same this evening. Candy Canes and Hot Chocolate until we run out tonight. Snowing and windy here, so we will see what happens. The show starts in 10 minutes or so.. Merry Christmas everyone!
  8. I just returned from HD and bought all of their 100 CT clear. The sign still showed $2.00 per box, but the register put them through at $1 per box. So it appears things are in the computer at 50% off already. I bought the 70ct's for $1.14 as well.
  9. WYDan


    I have started cchecking daily as well. They have quite a bit left and have a few items I would really like to have...
  10. I was just at Home Depot and the lights (other than the 70 ct.) were still not on sale.. :? Another day, another trip to the shops...
  11. Just returned from Home Depot and select Christmas items are 30% off. Very small selection left. No sign of 50% off yet..
  12. We love the snow here! Especially the first of the year, so beautiful and peaceful. We received about 5" or so yesterday and the display was great last night with the reflection off the snow..
  13. Great idea Chuck! Like the box... Number 150 on the "Things to get done this summer list": Make boxes that look like Christmas gifts for the yard and "hide" LOR controllers.. :waycool:
  14. Just posted a new sale on the trees at KMart in heads up.. :laughing: http://planetchristmas.mywowbb.com/view_topic.php?id=18765&forum_id=61
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