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  1. Thanks for getting back with me, Mike...Yeah, I'd love to see your display this year so if you'd send directions I'd really appreciate it. We live in Hebron Ky, Exit 8 on I-275 (the next exit west of the airport). My email is my PC name, [email protected], if that would be easier for you. Thanks Joe.

  2. Hey Joe, Sorry for the delay in responding to your message. I don't use PC much anymore. This will be my forth year with LOR and I hope to have a pretty decent show. I would love to have you come by and see it. I live in Alexandria (not far from NKYSpike). I can give you directions if you would like. Thanks, Mike

  3. Hey, do you have a website or a place one can view your display? Our family loves to see other Christmas displays and you profile sounds like something to drive to from Hebron! My email is [email protected]

  4. You watch "Deck The Halls" and think the display is a "good start"....
  5. I just started yesterday. This is my first year with LOR (32 channels) so I am spending way too much timemaking and running extension cords! I made 8 mini trees with tomato cages and hooked em up. Ran my sequences and they look really cool. I put 200 white, 200 red and 200 green lights on each tree. Got up this morning and two of my trees are GONE! I'm out to get more stuff to make more. Oh, and some more shotgun shells too!
  6. I am new to LOR this year. I waited 3 years to get started and finally saved up enough to buy two 16 channel controllers, wire, outlets, etc. I have been sequencing some songs and working with the animation to get my display setup. I already need two more controllers to do all of the things I want to do! That will have to wait till next year. If I had seen the Mr. Christmas controller before I may have started with that. I am affraid that all of my time and effort to sequence LOR with 2 controllers is going to result in a unimpressive display. I don't have too much time to setup and test s
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