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  1. damn browser crashed while typing.... If you contacted me and havent had a response I apologize, I get a lot of calls and emails, I miss one from time to time. I try to make it a habit of responding in 48 hours or less with emails, (usually within an hour).within 48 hours with phone calls (usually same day) The boat is due in any day now. It has our containers with LED bulbs, LED fixtures, UV cannons, smoke machines, snow machines, meteor tubes, flex led ribbons, and something else I am blanking on We had tremendous delays, for 2 reasons: 1) china has its worst drought in a long lo
  2. Just a reminder the pre-orders and show specials finish tonight. Details posted in this thread Corey MinionsWeb.com
  3. 2011 Minions Web Post Transworld Show Pricing and Product Pre-Ordering Sales have begun! Pre-order and Show Specials pricing will end 4/17/2011. First things first, my apologies for how late and how short an ordering period there is for the sale listings are this year. We have added an unprecedented amount of new products to the line-up for 2011. All the new products created a huge amount of web and pricing work, delaying this announcement. As in past years, Minions Web Ultrabright All weather LED Spot/Flood Lightbulbs are on pre-order sale. We are offering the best pricing of th
  4. I was going to make a teaser announcement, but oh heck. Very soon, hoping for tomorrow (Monday 1/17) but it may be Tuesday, since I have to factor 8 size bulbs in 11 colors - and some other stuff We have some goodies added this year too (may be old hat to a number of members, but produced at our factory so I know the work quality) Speaking of quality, with the 6th generation, we are adding additional weather proofing inside all versions bulb stems, the engineers are currently testing new sealants for the lenses, and the PAR38s will have an improved envelope. I am working on the prici
  5. There is also low tech, with PAR38 LED bulbs that work with LOR. Very high intensity and economical. People have been using them for halloween and xmas for wash effect for years. No adapters required, use as many channels as you have colors
  6. I would think a little di-electric grease would protect/prevent rusting Wonder how servicable the strands are?
  7. My advice is to look at the monsterlist and hauntproject.com for inspiration. We started out creating the led spots, stakes, and mounts for the halloween market with 7 sizes and 11 colors, and I am the fool who concieved the cob web gun commonly used for halloween displays (and 15 different web sticks). There are a number of halloween forums, email list serves, and groups covering just about every aspect of halloween decorating.
  8. That may be this: http://www.minionsweb.com/osStore/wow-windows-translucent-window-poster-major-award-p-559.html which is a simple solution
  9. Something we have been doing for 5 years with LED PAR bulbs we have produced. Truly it is a matter of what you want to do, have a controllable multi color fixtures or more of a plug and play set up. This time of year its pretty late for most of the bulbs (we sell out most well before halloween) If you have questions tho, always feel free to ask. FYI - pre-ordering for 2011 will be up in about 3 weeks.
  10. Really depends on the transformer, and the way the LEDs are wired. We offer these indoor LED spot fixtures that work great off the transformer on the LOR rig. I show them at trade shows without a hitch. Running straight DC with the DC board as suggested above would be the least stress on your trees.
  11. Sorry, I didnt mean to hijack the thread, I am just really pumped by this stuff. Silicone tape is another excellent product for our hobby. It is self sealing and self bonding, water dirt and dust proof, can be put on in water, mud, oil - whatever! Non conductive too. 2 sizes, multiple colors in 1", only black or clear in 2.5" It is not sticky, ever, so no residue when removed. I discovered it this year and enjoy it so much I started carrying it on MinionsWeb.com I havent added all the colors yet, but will carry red, orange, green, black, clear & white. The clear is great for adding
  12. Not dropping below 8% is a viable alternative, but it will also depend on the LED product you use. Obviously mileage will vary For example, our (minionsweb.com) smaller LED bulbs probably will not flicker at 8%, they likely will be off. It does not seem there is an LED ramp/dim bell curve update for the dim controls from LOR yet. That would be a pretty nice solution, if it could be toggled per channel. Your suggestion may not work with or may need a different range, for those using halfwave lights, or lights that use a different node circuit. They may or may not have an issue at all.
  13. The picture is making this hard for me to understand. Did you daisy chain the resistors? I only see one connection to common on each side. Would love to see whats under the tape.
  14. Try them now. I edited them, and test drove them as well.
  15. Minions Web 2010 LED Bulb Pre-Order Sales Ends 5/31 Just a reminder to that the pre-order special on our 5th generation Ultrabright all weather 110vAC LED bulbs: wide band UV 375-410 nm, 380nm UV, blacklight purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, warm white, cool white, and infrared will end on Monday May 31st 11:59pm Eastern time We anticipate pre-order items ship date approximately 8/15/2010. New this year: 1) Ultrabright 18 LED 12v AC/DC MR16 Bipin 50 degree spot light bulbs. They come in 8 colors and are brighter than bulbs with 2x the LEDs.
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