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    I'm a full time mother of 3 and grandmother to 1. I restore vintage dolls and decorate cakes. I love, love, love Christmas especially lights! I get excited in August, 'cuz I know it will soon be time to hang lights!!!
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    Anything Christmas!!
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  1. I was looking through Goodwill auctions and saw these, thought someone local might want to check them out! They are in Springfield, IL http://www.shopgoodw...a&showthumbs=on
  2. I'm sorry, the sale is being put on hold temporarily.... My best friend had a massive heart attack yesterday, so I'm spending a lot of time at the hospital with her. I will get back to all those who have expressed interest as soon as I'm able. Thanks, Dee
  3. Hi guys, After a recent move, we have decided that our display won't work too well on our new lot. So, we have decided to pass it on to someone who can enjoy it rather than it being in storage. We have 5 (16 channel) LOR controllers, 55+ Christmas Done Bright Wireframes, FM transmitter, numerous boxes of new lights, tons of used lights, 20+ mini trees, 70+ extension cords, 2 Rope Light Candy Canes, 2 Leaping arches (blue LED) a few wooden cutouts, etc. For those of you attending Expo the end of the month, we are 30 miles south of Memphis, so could easily meet you there on your way th
  4. We will not be able to make it. We thought that it was agreed at last year's mini to leave it in September, middle of August is the worst possible time. We are trying to get kids back in school and off to college that weekend. I guess we will try to make it to Chicago for regional Labor Day weekend.
  5. I'm parting with them all. Hubby is not a fan of them, we focus more on wireframes and light show. There are 31 of them and in addition, I have some small ones not pictured that I'm sending with these. I want to sell them as a lot, so pickup only. $250 I thought $8 a piece average, does that sound fair? The small ones are not figured into this. All can be viewed at: http://s197.photobucket.com/albums/aa177/degadee/Blowmolds/?start=all
  6. i am where did u get your fm transmitter and how you did your mega tree

  7. We are shooting for Thursday night...hope to do a test run tomorrow night. Mega tree is up finishing a few last items and then get everything placed in the yard. Gonna be really busy tomorrow...hopefully it won't rain!
  8. Good here...for a lot done yesterday almost through with the house goona work on setup in yard today and tomorrow hopefully do a test run tomorrow night

  9. How is everything going in north Mississippi? I've had a couple of good days of decorating. I still have about 6 days of work to go. But I'm gettin there.

  10. Kerry is going to try to get off work one day this week so we can get more done, we are shooting for light up Thanksgiving night. One of our neighbors already has his on...all white loghts, just the railing, wreaths and a couple of crype myrtle trees....nothing major (LOL)
  11. Bro. Larry....how was your trip? Did you eat at the Stray Dog BBQ?????? LOL
  12. Making progress...got the top of the house done, Kerry had fun in the bucket. I've gotten all 52 pieces of Christmas Done Bright reworked, replaced bulbs, straightening, etc. Part of the columns are done...plenty more to do LOL
  13. We have been fighting bronchitis as well, but better now. Kerry is trying to finish up sequences and I have been checking broken/bad bulbs on the 52 pieces of Christmas Done Bright that we bought. We will start hanging lights this coming weekend. I talked to Gabe in Southaven yesterday, he says he's keeping his display small this year for quick tear down due to them moving 2nd week in January.
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