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  1. So what type of lights are best for mega trees and displays? We changed out inside tree to the C6 bulbs last year and I like the look but I'm not sure how they would look on a 23' mega tree.
  2. What software/hardware do you use to control it?
  3. I am following this thread. I would like to build the same thing.
  4. I don't have many LED lights but I have found regular walmart lights to have a high failure rate. Everybody has to start somewhere though and buying them now (after the season) is a very affordable option. I have bins full of spare lights to replace the crappy ones that quit that I bought for 75-90% off. Now that my display has been up for a couple years and the initial cost is behind me I am starting to slowly replace problem lights with better quality lights. This year I replaced almost all my rope lighting with that from Action lighting. Point being you need to do what you can afford and still enjoy christmas. Don't get too wrapped up in light count or quality and forget the main reason you are doing it in the first place. IMHO I would rather have a pretty decent display for 5 years rather then save for 5 years to buy the best lights out there. But other may have different opinions.
  5. My 20' mega tree has 16 "pie" sections as well. I was thinking of using the same number of lights but dividing it into 8 sections next year. I find with 16 sections I can not spin the tree fast enough if that makes sense.
  6. As far as bending 1/4" and 5/16" rod can be bent quite easily. A good vise is your best friend here. I just mark where I want to bend it and put it in the vise. For a tight bend pull close (or hammer) right next to the vise. If you need a gradual bend then grab the rod a foot or two from the vice and slowly pull on it. This way the bend will happen over the distance not at one point.
  7. I just used large sheets of poster board and had my daughter trace out some pictures using a projector at school. That way you can adjust the size to whatever you want.
  8. I brush or spray mine with Rustoleum. The stuff you buy at home depot in the 1 qt cans goes on thick and lasts well. Sometimes I will prime sometimes I don't. Regardless it's cheap and easy.
  9. Here is our show in Lafayette, La.
  10. We have had a wireframe sleigh for many years and I never liked the way it looked. This year I added some expanded metal to the sides to give it some depth and rewired it with rope lighting. I couldn't find a picture from before but this is what it looks like after. It is 100x better. Before it just looked like a mess of lights with no shape.
  11. He works out of town and is gone all the time.
  12. I got my other grinch finished today and mounted it to my sign.
  13. Joules I got lucky for the most part and only had a few inches here and there to block out. I used electrical tape but today I noticed that seems to trap the heat as those sections are warmer then the regular untaped areas. I was thinking of trying some black split wire loom from an auto parts store. That would allow some room for air and cooling. I bought my rope lighting from Action lighting and their stuff has cut marks every 18" so it is easy to find. You have to watch what brand you are using because they can be every 18, 24 or 36" where you cut it. LED rope lighting is 4" from what I looked at.
  14. I will try and get a better picture of the frames installed tomorrow.
  15. It would be tight so I don't know. I think it would work but you might not get the same glow out of the middle color. I like the look of C bulbs but I was concerned that you need to be a lot more delicate with them and I am kind of like a bull in a china shop. ROP lighting I can bang around a bit and not worry about breaking bulbs. Brian I messed with clips for a couple seasons till I decided I needed a much better solution. These are light and easy to work with. You will not regret it.
  16. I have one more to finish painting and light. We planned on making two more but I am not doing a good job of getting it done. n
  17. I got this sign done today as well. The picture is from my iphone and does not do it justice. The letters are wired individually with green rope lighting so I can control them with my LOR controllers.
  18. Well I finally got around to lighting my firsts grinch.
  19. I forgot to mention a few things about welding conduit. It is galvanized and welding galvanized metal can make you really sick if you are not careful. I try and remove all the coating where I am welding using a flapper wheel on my grinder. I also set up a fan for a light air movement in case you miss any of the galvanized coating. It can't be direct or your weld will go to crap but some air movement is needed. If you see it smoking don't breath it. Just step back till the air clears. If you remove all the coating you should not see any smoking but it is important not to breath the fumes. So why use it some might ask. It is $1.77 for 10'. You can't buy steel that cheap. Plus it won't rust other then the few small areas you ground the coating off. I give it a quick coat of paint after and it will last a very long time.
  20. I see there is some great ideas on mounting lights so I thought I would post up a few pics of my system. I used 1/2" conduit and made frames for my windows. I use rope lighting for all my frames because it is very low maintenance and doesn't need the care of glass lights. I made them slightly smaller then the window opening, set them in and put in a few door/window shims to wedge them in place. Takes about 5 minutes to do all 4 in the front of my house. At the end of the season I hang them on the side of the house under the eve. On the eves trough I have my lights divided left and right. Each side is divided in half so the runs are a manageable length. Once again I used conduit and welded some tabs on it. They just hang on the eve and it takes about 5 minutes to put up all 4 on the front of my house. For the sides and peak of my house I just pull rope lighting along the peaks. Attach every 5' or so with plastic clips under the shingles. Of course they take a little longer but with custom made lengths it doesn't take very long to have the house lights done.
  21. Sounds like BS to me. Last time I checked my lights worked without music as well as with music so no, the music is not needed for the sequence to work. Just the fact you are after people is enough reason for me to never want your song in the first place.
  22. We have a light competition here in Lafayette so I am going to call and register him. hahahahahaha
  23. It is not really wireframe but it is made with tubing. My neighbor is an older gent that never puts up any lights. A couple years ago we were chatting and he commented it would be alright if some of my lights spilled over onto his house. lol. I seen this a couple years back and we always joked it would be good for his house. This week I had some time so I put together a big arrow with the word "ditto" on it. Of course it will point to our house next door. He should get a good kick out of it. I need to light it yet. I am still waiting for the paint to dry. Going to make the arrow red and the letters green rope lighting.
  24. I am not sure what you use now but I just hang a weight on each side of the roof. That was last year prior to that I never used anything but then my roof reigndeer/sleigh mount is huge and never moves anywhere.
  25. K I googled it and found a few answers. If I still can't get it to work I will get back to here. Thanks for looking.
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