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  • My favorite Christmas story
    There was a house left standing in the little city of Pass Christian MS after Hurricane Katrina that Started putting up Christmas Lights To help bring hope to the Kids left in city.
    That was us.
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    Pass Christian, Mississippi, USA
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    my kids, Great food, fast boats and now christmas lights hehehe
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    Restaurant Owner
  1. I think on a tree that size 8 channels works just fine per color. I can spin my tree with the best of them. Red, greens and whites, I have my controllers (2) mounted to the bottom of the tree, 8 channels red 8 channels green 8 channels clear 3 channels for the star 1 channel for the strobes 1 channel for the blue, The Blue is an outline for the tree With Led blue rope light 3 to 4 Strands per channel Everything plugs in at the base. of tree. The extra channels very important in case of a channel fails,
  2. Red White green and blue Strands for me some use RGB in witch 1 strand can be All of the above Make sure you plan it out before you just go buy a bunch of misc lights
  3. I looked at your videos, it seems you have very little lights to work with, I just find this a strange post, It's like your trying to tell others that they are doing things wrong. I might be interpreting your message wrong.
  4. 64 channels Very nice, I think you should use more of the effect you had between 10 secs thur 24 secs, that was very dramatic,
  5. I would like to program one for that tree, lol how tall and fat
  6. Our home was featured on, The Great Christmas Light Fight by ABC, Freemantle Media. Plauche Family Christmas
  7. can I get a Christmas vacation intro from anyone, drum roll, and light up please.
  8. Could you please write a book about that whole wife thing, with the cost and stuff, and telling about, how much, spend, money jazz. Lots of us would be grateful.
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