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  1. Hi, I'm in the same position as yourself, their system looks great as you can wire up loads of low voltage UK lights to the controllers. I've had a play with the software and I am finding it really difficult to use but that might just be me. Much more difficult to get to grips with than LOR. I'm going to email them at some point as getting the beats of the music track in time with the lights seems impossible, but I might be wrong. Let me know how you get on. Dan
  2. Hey, Look at the LindsayLights display. http://www.lindsaylights.com/Technical/snowball_fight.html Hope this helps, Dan
  3. Hey, Where does everyone get their lights from if they buy from the UK. I've been looking at some rubber cabled mains LED sets, but they're about
  4. Hey, There seems quite a few animators over here! For anyone who synchronises their show to music, is there anything in way of radio transmitting licenses that have to be done? Also mrclaus1001 which part of Staffs are you from, i'm from around there too. Thanks, Dan
  5. Hi David, Love the display. Which LED lights do you use with your LOR Boxes, do they do fades/ dimming ok with them being LED's Hope everyone is having a happy Christmas. Thanks, Dan
  6. Hi, Indeed LED's are the intention (when the price comes down a bit!). An interesting development is the possibility of a UK store working with LOR to produce a UK version. I understand that LOR boxes can be used in the UK with UK lights but do you choose to use US lights for another reason? Thanks, Dan
  7. Hi, Fantastic show there, reminds me of Richard Holdmans. I'm across in Staffordshire, which at the moment means we still have some snow on the ground! What system are you using? LOR? Thanks, Dan
  8. Hey, Just wondering if there is anyone on here from the UK. I don't have an animated display,yet :-) but someday hope to have one. Here's a picture or two of my modest effort this year: Thanks, Dan P.S. Yes I know one of the mini trees doesn't work, i'm working on it!
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