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  1. Am doing a 12 foot spiral tree along with a 20 foot spiral tree. The 20 foot will have a steel pole, and the 12 foot will be using the existing flag pole. When I got to the business I found that the pole to the flagpole was 6 inches in diameter!!! Now comes the challenge of getting a topper to hold the lights and a collar to hold the lines. Not sure if I will need guy wires, but am going to plan on it just to be safe. Any good design ideas on making a topper? I am envisioning a 2 piece topper with 8 pegs each that will bolt together around the pole. I am thinking of it looking like this one: http://store.3glightingcreations.com/mega-tree-hook-head-threaded-16-peg/ only 6 inches in diameter. Thoughts, ideas???
  2. This is the smaller of the 2 trees, there is also a 20'spiral so the bucket is already there. I figured might as well use it! What you said makes sense, I just need to go and do it and see what happens.
  3. I am going to put up a 12 foot, 24 channel spiral tree using a flag pole. It will be red, green and clear super strings. I have been reading, searching, and watching videos regarding everything about the spiral tree. I have the spreadsheet and different diagrams downloaded and have a pretty good grasp on this project. My question is this, when I go to the top in the bucket truck and start putting the strings up, what is the best way? Do I just put the first super strand (red green clear channel 1, 9, 17), spiral those, then go 1/8 spacing around then put the next super strand (red green clear channel 2, 10, 18) and spiral those, then go 1/4 the way, 3/8 of the way, 1/2 the way ect? I have also read that going 1.5 revolutions seemed the way to go, is this still holding true?
  4. I cannot bring up the pricing, it says the website will not show it, anyone else having this problem?
  5. Wow, here I was thinking that everybody did all new songs every year! Now I don't feel as bad keeping the same set up and songs.
  6. I think I may have burnt myself out with my Christmas display by working on it constantly for 3 and a half years. I have found no reason or motivation to do anything with my display until today. I'm thinking i will not have enough time to get all new songs and sequence them. I'm seriously thinking of running the same exact show as last year in the back yard and in the front yard add a bunch to the static display. What does everyone think of my lazy idea?
  7. Hmmm, the day before my vacation. Why not take a day extra and attend ICE? Good idea!
  8. For my mini trees I use 36" tomato cages, 1 cage per tree. I use 2 colors, 300 lights per color for a total of 600 lights (6 100 ct strings). I had no problems last year, then this year after a few days up 2 of my trees on the end were laying flat. At first look I thought someone ran into/over them. Then my wife asked if maybe there were to many lights and the weight collapsed tham. Anyone ever had their trees collapse due to just 6 100 ct strands on them??
  9. I am only going to run 1 or 2 strands from it, and I will be "stacking" it from the first male end from the extention cord. Therefore I will be following the rules of 3s.
  10. I have a place on my garage where I put a roof grid and this year I want to out line the front and a window as well. I was thinking of using an old light string that no longer works as an extention cord to go from the beginning of my roof grid to the front and start the outline there without lighting a line from the grid the the front. Would this work alright? Otherwise I would cut the polarity part of an indoor extention cord and run it from one light string to the other and would rather not go this route.
  11. I am thinking that I could do that next year and put a sign on it. I will give you credit in 2 foot letters underneath the plywood, will that be ok?
  12. 1. Jim, I am going to assume you mean string to string correct? If so my guess would be a wiring issue. You should have line voltage (120 VAC) at the female plug end of the string, if not there is a wiring or plug issue. Yes, I am stringing end to end. I know the female end has voltage because it lit up Travis' other string of lights. 2. wonder if they convert it to 120V DC? Did you try reversing the plug (assuming it's not polarized?) I unplugged and re plugged it but am not sure if I reversed the plug (no they were not polarized.) Therefore since it is up on the roof now I have no idea if it had worked. I have some extra of Paul's so I will try that tomorrow. 3. Have you tried going the other way.....Travis's into Pauls? No, because the strands were already zip tied to my grid and no way I was going to cut and re string lol. SOLUTION: I just put a 3 way going from my main extention cord then ran 2 indoor (I hate to do it, but was not going to waste outdoor cords for this) cords, 1 to each end of the grid to light the full grid. Of course I finally got it up and when I lit it up this evening of course 1 of the strands I replaced was out!!! I am just hoping the connection is lose. I am thankful it is near the ridge (since I cannot walk my roof) and that the string is the first one and is near the eve so if need be I can use an extention ladder and fix it. Thank you for all your ideas!
  13. Ok, here is my dilemma/problem. I have a roof grid that I made out of 5MM LEDs from Paul. I had a few go out (due to last years problems) so I was going to fix the grid by replacing lights from Travis. The problem is when I plug Paul's lights into Travis' lights Paul's lights do not light up (therefore 1/2 of my grid is not lit up). When I plug Travis' string into the other Travis string it lights. Why do they not work together? As far as I read, the lights work good together. Is it because I am plugging a M5 into a 5MM? This really SUCKS. Just another problem with lights AGAIN.
  14. Mini Mega is up, all 6 artificial trees are wrapped and set, mini trees are set with only 1 more to build, most of the molds are drug out to the lawn. Still have to drag out the rest of the molds and set them up, then all the menial things that needs to be done (run cords, set up controllers, check ampage, ect). So I think (hope) I am din ok.
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