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  1. Thanks for taking the time to review the WHole House FM Transmitter.
  2. You want to purchase the Whole House FM Transmitter Gold Edition $89.99 includes FREE shipping if you use the coupon code "PlanetChristmas" www.WholeHouseFMTransmitter.com
  3. Thanks for the welcome.... We are not the new kids on the block. Our product has been out over 3 years and we sell 10s of thousands of them. We are a major supplier to Prisions and health clubs who broadcast TV audio and to iPod, satellite radio and streaming internet audio users. The only reason we approched this forum is at the request of our many costomers who have light displays and ues our transmitter to broadcast their music. We are also a major distributor for Ramsey. www.shopRamsyElectronics.com We always offer free shipping on Ramsey products. Once again thanks for the ni
  4. Do a search on this site with the words "Whole House Transmitter" and you will see a review. You can also visit the product site for reviews. You only need to transmit on 1 FM channel. Every area will have a t least 2-3 open FM channels since the FCC requires blank stations between commercial stations. the best way to find an open station is to listen on a car radio for the channel that has the most static and transmit on that one. With free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee it is worth a look. use coupon code "planetChristmas" for free Priority Mail shipping
  5. You might want to take a look at the Whole House Transmitter. It is being used now by many who want to broadcast their light show music. Use the coupon code "PlanetChristmas" and you willreceive FREE Priority Mail shipping. got to: http://www.WholeHouseFmTransmitter.com
  6. Are you looking for a proven FM Transmitter to broadcast your Light Show music to all the cars passing by without busting the budget? Take a look at the http://www.WholeHouseFmTransmitter.com $89.99 complete. We curently have many customers using this powerful FCC approved transmitter to broadcast their light show music. ------ Special Offer For Planet Christmas Vistors ---- FREE Shipping ----- When you decide to purchase type in the coupon code " PlanetChristmas " all as 1 word in the coupon page and you willreceive free shipping by Priority Mail. You also get: 30 day money bac
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