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  1. correction, it was a toy soldier
  2. my 20-something daughter, who's grown up with my decorating, was watching "Sharknado" the other day and excitedly told me "there's a drummer boy blow mold just like ours sitting out in the street" I was pleased she noticed I was surfing, not watching it, don't care for all that blood, but I could hear it. If anyone cares enough to look for it, it was about when they got out to look at the school bus (I think)
  3. I read a whole lot more than I post, but thought of you all yesterday. It's a museum, try not to cry at the "prices" www.NationalChristmasCenter.com ~ Donna
  4. I don't think he weighs much, but he'd have to go cross-country...poor little guy
  5. I'd love to give him a home, except I'm afraid the shipping would be a bit much... So, how much would it be to 17109 please? thanks, ~ Donna
  6. i wondered about him! (the huge camel) his price is usually up there too - maybe I'll skip him and try getting the TPI donkey, and standing shepherd and drummer boy.....
  7. WOW! I think the horn angels are very sweet and your whole display is amazing. I really liked the swirl tree too. ~ Donna
  8. Jim, Thanks! I didn't want the large camel ending up next to his mini-me like he did, but he can sure carry more stuff for the kings Are you getting the red-white-and blue-ish camel? Is that the same size as the large one or is it even bigger? I'm not as much worried here about sun damage as the tent-like stable caving in from freezing rain. ~ Donna
  9. Here's Carrie's extra star - up on my roof! Thanks again, Carrie! The stable is just a quick, thrown-together thing for this year and hopefully that dark area to the left, that's the front porch, will get done tomorrow...
  10. http://www.thedenverchannel.com/holidays/18243692/detail.html?rss=den&psp=irresistible#-
  11. I got some of these to try in a sidewalk tree so I won't have to run a cord - they're small and really only one-directional but very bright -and Linens and Things almost always has a 20% coupon special running. http://www.lnt.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2859239
  12. I use binder clips, pretty cheap by the large box at any office supply store - can reuse most of them too
  13. these are C9's on the roof (please ignore the missing ones and the crooked line...also the white dots, whichare raindrops) the ones on the ridge line are oversized mini's
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