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  1. Thanks Keith. Sadly I think you may be right. I updated my firmware to the latest stuff and while the scrolling is smoother, it didn't solve the top third issue. LOR has been helpful in my ticket so far and just bought them a few months ago so hopefully I can get it sorted. Thanks for the help!
  2. Yes, no go on the top portion which is still frozen. I was able to cycle through the test pattern on the bottom 2/3 but the top stayed the same. Any other thoughts?
  3. OK thank you Steve. I will try this!
  4. Aloha from Hawaii, I recently bought 12 CCRs and a 16 channel controller from LOR. I really like it but am having problems. I set everything up and had it running for 2 nights. Tonight I had one strip that a third of it was stuck on white. It did not respond to any of my sequences. Here s my set-up: Laptop, USB485 adapter (faster red one), 16 channel controller (6 channel star is running out of this) then the 12 CCRs. I also have the power for the controllers in a plastic bin and have them running of 2 power strips and 1 home run of a/c. I have another black USB485 adapter. Should my set-up be laptop, red USB485 adapter, 16 channel box, 6 CCRs, then out of another USB port, USB485 (black) then the other 6 CCRs? Also could my problems be from over-heating or too much power draw on the one home run? I contacted LOR and am waiting on a reply to my ticket and made a similar post on their forum but I can't seem to find a tutorial or direction on what to do or how to troubleshoot my problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated and sorry if this topic has come up before or it is an obvious answer! Mahalo, Craig
  5. I am thinking of trying to make a real snowman in Hawaii. Does anyone what components go into making one that uses freezer coils??
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