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  1. I have the old wired one. Its got 6 channels. I actually have 3 that I modded to all be controlled by one box. I actually still only have 6 channels but have a ton of stuff plugged into it. I would stick with the 6 channel one. you still have to run power cords so not really sure what the wireless would really do for you. just my opinion. You can plug 3600 lights into the old 6 channel one.
  2. I dont have any pictures but I can explain it. Its simple really. There is 1 7 wire ribboncable that goes from 1 board (controller) to the other (power Basically there is one that connects to the control board and daisy chains (solder 12 inch extensions on the wires and connect blue to blue, white to white, green to green you get the point) to the other power boards. So actually you have one unit controlling all 3 units. I took and drilled a hole in the sides of each unit and connected them with sub panel spacers. I then just threaded the wires through the spacers and plug them into the p
  3. Well I bought some broken items after Christmas last year. There was 2 GE Lights and Sounds boxes that just needed fuses. I took a leap and wired the 3 of them together ( I already had one) Seems like it works (at least with a multimeter) I still need a fuse for one. Anyone know where I can go to get fuses that will work in these? I tried Radio shack no luck. I got some fuses at advance auto but they are only 6 amp. They were at least enough to do the troubleshooting.
  4. Are the lights up and down like a Mega tree? Can you animate it to make it look like its spinning?
  5. Is there any formula or can someone give me an idea on how much garland is required to build a tree?
  6. Others would be much better to answer this than me but... I have 5 huge Oak trees in my yard that I am wanting to do something with also. I think because of the size of the trees I am going to put some large snowflakes scattered through the trees, maybe 10 per and some strobes. At least thats the thoughts for now. With the snowflakes blinking on/off and the strobes coming on every once in a while it ought to be real nice.
  7. I see that most if not all hit the after Christmas sales hot and heavy and load up on thousands of lights. How many seasons on avg do you all get out of a set of lights when using animation? Does theconstant on/off make them burn up faster or are these purchases mainly to go bigger, better, and brighter?
  8. How many lights are normally on a 10 foot arch?
  9. I just got a smoking deal on a ton of Christmas stuff. I bought a "fix it" pallet from a place called overstock outlet here in Hickory NC. There was a ton of stuff, deer of different sizes, lights, trees, etc... Best of all there was 2 Mr. Christmas boxes in the lot. I already had one and now I have 3. The fuse was the only thing bad. How cool is that. I tore one open to look inside and it seems to me that the sequencing is just a simple 7 pin connector coming from the circuit board. Looks like no power just control. Now my question is do you think that I could tie the three of these togeth
  10. Wow there are some really great displays close. I also see on the map there are some in Mooresville. We are in Mooresville and Hickory a lot. Would love to see them.
  11. Is there anyone on here in the Charlotte/Hickory area. I live near Hickory and work in Charlotte. I would love to see a large display in action. It would definitly help me convince the wife to let go of the purse strings.
  12. Very good. Thanks very much. How many minis can you run off of 1 LOR? It looks like there is a 30 AMP DIY kit on the LOR website. I am assuming that would be a 16 channel controller. http://store.lightorama.com/ctkitcpa.html Looking at the printed circuit boards and compnents that comes with it I think I could do it with the help of one of the guys who works for me and save some money and have fun at the same time.
  13. Thank you. I think Ive got the basic understanding now. So you will have a cord from the house to the LOR to the lights or strings of lights you want controlled. Then there is another cable routed into the house where the computer is from each LOR...right?
  14. I mispoke about the board. I understand that there is not a board that you put into the computer. I was refering to the LOR as the board. So you plug an extension cord into your house that plugs into an LOR that the lights plug into its plugs? Right? I think what I need to ask is (and the reason is I am tring to figure where to mount my panel) do most of you have a box in the yard with the LOR mounted so that you run one main cord to an LOR in a watertight box in the yard so that you dont have so many cords going to the house or is it just a short cord from your main power to the LOR and then
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