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  1. What I did with my arches (although smaller than yours) was to drill a hole in the center of the arch, run aircraft cable through the holes and crimp some wire stops on each side of the arch (that way the cable won't slide through the arch), then you can put a loop at the other end of the cable and use a tent stake to tension the cable to the ground on each side of the arch.
  2. These are pricey, but they have 12V models available. http://www.l-com.com/nema-enclosures-14x10x4-inch-120-vac-outdoor-weatherproof-enclosure-with-cooling-fan
  3. Here is the restaurant if anyone wants to look at the menu in advance, www.thecelebrationtowntavern.com
  4. You could buy them in various sizes here, http://spiderwebman.net/
  5. You asked the same question on the LOR forums, and received an answer, was that not the answer you were looking for? Only you can decide if spending the money is worth it, I went to the 2011 Expo and the LOR class, learned alot, to me it was worth it.
  6. I'm not sure, the styrofoam tombstones are pretty thick. That was why the purple lights didn't work well, the aren't that bright at the ends.
  7. What I did was get some of those styrofoam tombstomes, drilled holes around the outline, and installed mini's. The orange looked good, the purple didn't have enough light to shine through the styrofoam very good. I am going with the Holiday Coro tombstone's this year.
  8. Lori's sells them also. http://www.lorislighteddlites.com/item-detail.asp?part=3c&category=Accessories
  9. I couldn't agree more. Ask my wife, she may give a suggestion and I tell her to get her butt out there and do it, because I do my display for me and what I want to see. I think I've ticked her off a couple of times, but, oh well, it's my display and it will be done how I want it done. Period. As to your original question, people stop by every year before any items are put out and ask when the display is going to be put out, so no, I don't think the WOW factor has been lost from anyone's display, there will always be someone who passes by or stops to watch the show who thinks it's the slickest thing since sliced bread. Just my opinion.
  10. LOR has sequence packages for their controllers, http://www.lightorama.com/ShowtimeTunes.html Buy a controller and starter package from LOR, download the software from the LOR website, install it, download the music from Amazon or iTunes, import it into the sequence, connect the controller to the computer, push play and you are on your way with blinky. There is also a way to control your lights with the controller and adapter only, http://nopotatos.com/LORVis/ It uses Windows Media Player to control a LOR controller, which controls your lights. You will need to play with the program to correctly control your lights, but once set up you can play any song and it will flash your lights. There are other options, but most require soldering or building the parts, and learning to sequence songs. A more plug and play system would be LOR.
  11. But you have to watch on FM transmitters, because 200ft is close to the allowed limit per the FCC, although many people go above that. Just remember that it is illegal to do so, transmitter beware is what I say. Have not heard much good about that transmitter that vk mentioned though. I personally use an EDM transmitter, phenomenal sound and clarity, but quite pricey. As far as controllers, I would recommend you read this article from David Moore at Holiday Coro, it will give you a basic idea of the items you will need for your display. Hope this helps. http://www.holidaycoro.com/v/vspfiles/downloads/AnimatedLighting101.pdf
  12. 2 - 10 foot Mega Tree's, made from the plans on Loopychristmas.com. These are painted black, but will need touchup done on the paint. I ran 12 strings of lights going 180 degrees around the tree so if you want to run a full 360 degrees, you will need more cuphooks. For some reason the "solid brass" cuphooks corroded, but are still useable. To help support the lights, I added an aircraft cable with turnbuckle to the backside to counteract the weight of the lights. The lights are not included. Price is $45.00 each. These can be delivered to the FL Mini on Saturday 4/28/2012. Or local pickup only. Let me know, and Thanks for looking, Bill
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