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  1. Seen this bike in key west during bike week.
  2. Were in Wapakoneta Ohio 1613 Springfield Ave. 96 channels 25000 lights.
  3. Hello were in Wapakoneta, Ohio 1613 Springfield Ave. 35000 lights, 23' mega tree, 4 arches. We had MR christmas last year LOR this year with 80 channels. Its addicting http://vimeo.com/2442774 http://vimeo.com/2442256
  4. Wife and I just returned from vacation and when opening up our garage there they were 98 boxes of red 100 minis,116 boxes clear 100 minis, 120 green 100 minis,all from walmart at 50cents a box. And bless her she went to menards and picked up all the blues they had104 more 100s. Now what am I going too do. :waycool:
  5. The belkin works im using it and can get 100feet I did run a extention wire to it from a mr christmas modified for a minjack. I hid it behind my suport our troups christmas card in the front yard
  6. The sounds of christmas is a good training tool. I have the 20 song unit and have had no trouble with it. The sound is only midi files but dont sound bad. Ive had several people stop and ask how it works and im happy to show them. Our housing association is having a decorating contest this year and the local newspaper is judging the houses. I have been warned we probably will get a visit from the newspaper saturday. The best part was during a rainy night while I repairing some damage from vandalism ,someone cut some wires going up my drive way, a woman stopped and just said thank you. Thats al
  7. How about the kids spending everyday standing in front of a store with a salvation army person with them ringing the bells.
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