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  1. While the change over to LED's in my setup has kinda been a pain in the ### trying to get everything changed over with the different lengths between the LED's and the icans. I have got most everything done this year except for my roof out line. So now starts the process of trying to find a replacement for the icicle lights. With all of the sales comming up in the next month or two, I am trying to figure out what is out there and who has what with led icicle lights. Has anyone used led icicle lights that is close to 9 foot long? # 1 Choice I would like to find 100 - 150 cnt led icicle lights
  2. Wayne K

    Led Color Caps

    I guess I gave up for this season with getting everything else ready. So trying to figure something out for next year. Darlene have you done this or has anyone tried this? Or, has anyone dipped a led lense into a paint of any sort? If so what did it look like and what kind of paint did you use? Thanks in advance if anyone has more info Wayne
  3. Disregard the above post. I could not delete it. Moderator you can delete this post if you wish. Wayne
  4. Does anyone know if the 18" led snow flakes and stars from Menards will dim ok with LOR or would I have to put snubbers on that they talk about? http://www.menards.c...332-c-12284.htm http://www.menards.c...333-c-12284.htm Thanks Wayne
  5. Just getting time to post update. Ordered the 20" increments stuff from Val and it worked nice. If I remember right I covered the first 3-4 inches with heat shrink and it came out ok. I went with the pure white and I really like it over the old incan rope light. Ordered 15 20" sections to do the whole star. ( With this rope light you order it by the section from Val ) and ordered 3 power connectors. Wayne
  6. walleyes Actually I was looking at this one last night when I was searching. How is the night vision on this model with the cameras it comes with ? I take it that you have not had any problems with it. Can you also advise weather the cameras would mount under the eves or do they have to mount from the bottom or side? Thanks for any additional info you can share on these questions. Thanks Wayne
  7. I got to thinking after I posted above. Does anyone have any security camera systems they have purchased and would recommend? If so please post a link to where it can be looked at and purchased. Thanks Wayne
  8. Knute73 Good catch, I did not see that. But now you say that, I do see it and read right over it when I was looking at the info. I agree here in Indiana it gets a whole lot colder than that. Thanks Wayne
  9. Has anyone used cameras from Menards? They have this dvr setup listed for there 3 day sale. I thought it looked ok, but wondered if anyone has used these before. Here is the link: http://www.menards.c...1563-c-6470.htm Thanks Wayne
  10. Thanks I will check her site and see what she has. Wayne
  11. I am in need of 20 - 25 light led sets with a lenght of apr. 8 foot. Anyone know where or if there are any out there? I could use 1 of my 35 sets and black out a bunch of leds, but that seams like a waste. I need these to be dimable. Thanks Wayne
  12. Bill V I actually am probably going to get it from val and use a 100" and cover up the last 10" or so with heat shrink. Also Bill can you tell me if the power cords from CDI led rope light will work with the 20" stuff from Christmas led? Thanks Wayne
  13. I thought about that, But I thought maybe someone had a better idea or found a rope light that was closer. After watching the video on putting it together Daryl talks about it being a 24" cut length. From what I have searched that is pretty odd segment. Wayne
  14. I have one of the CLS 3d stars and when I bought it, I got the rope light kit with it. Now after a couple of years I have a couple of segments out and would like to use true white led rope light. The problem is as I measure out the old lights I come up with 88" and 53" for the current strings. The problem is I don't seem to be able to find any led lighting that will cut close to these measurements. So has any one retrofitted led rope light on these stars and if so, what or who's rope light did you use? Thanks Wayne
  15. Has anyone come up with a good way to permanetly attach the power cords to the rope lights instead of using the flimsy compresion ends that come with the cord kits. I was thinking about trying to solder the the cord and rope light wires together and then using some type of sealer or hot glue to enclose the joint in, possibly using maybe clear shrink tube so you can see the wires and make sure they don't short so you end up with more of a sealed connection like a factory end. Thanks Wayne
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