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  1. Ok Im ready to pull my hair out.... I have spent 3 days trying to chase this problem down. First it was blowing my 15 amp breaker down stairs. moved it to a 20 amp outlet stopped throwing breaker Second then it started blowing fuses in the controller both sides 1-8 9-16 checked every wire and connection with a volt meter NO SHORTS anywhere. started taking the C-9 strings because they drew the most amps and now the controller freezes up on channel 9-16 leaving all the lights on. Could it be the controller went bad? ANY HELP OUT THERE???
  2. Sorry forgot to post that. it was the 15amp fuse in the controller.
  3. I'm having a problem with my number 1 controller. I keep blowing fuses left and right. I'm running the same show as last year except for a subsequence that controls my Ribbons. I have even went into each sequence and elemintated almost all the commands on that controller but it still keeps blowing fuses, Anyone have a idea what the problem is??????
  4. Did you ever have any luck finding programs? I just ordered my first 32 LOR system and also looking for some programs. JIM
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