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  1. So S3 is going to support E1.31... That is awesome.
  2. http://www.christmas-leds.com/
  3. The Forum has been moved to a new server and most pictures did not move along with the text.
  4. Hi Geoff, I love your shooting stars. Great display.
  5. Great Video!!! Love your chase effect. What are you using for the different colors on the higher roof line?
  6. Great Idea!! This is what I have been looking for to use on my display. I have long run and wanted to ask what is you longest segment or you think would be manageable?
  7. WOW, what a mega tree!!! We will definitely stop by. I also see you have coro stars. I want to add these to my display next year. Thanks for the invite, Mike
  8. That looks Great, are you using the clips on the bulb socket?
  9. I have been thinking of doing something like that, what is the diffused half-circle made of? What RGB Pixel Strip are you using? I love the idea with the coro panels, do you have video of your display?
  10. Hi There, I too just move to the Prescott area. This is my first year with LOR and also live in a HOA. My wife and I are going to the valley next week to check out the lights in Murphy Park. Mike
  11. Thank for the Great ideas! When connecting the PVC segment do you use special connectors for the wiring? I also remove all the bulbs before attaching the wire to the face board. Any thoughts on that???
  12. The only way I can think without uning a different program is to convert to avi. Here is a link to a free convertion program. http://download.cnet.com/Pazera-Free-MP4-to-AVI-Converter/3000-2194_4-10784027.html
  13. I am tyring to find the best way to attach 3 strings (each sting is a different color and channel) of C-9's under the face board of my house. I am currently using staples to attach to face board, I fiquired there had to be a better way. Thanks, Mike
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