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  1. What do you use for the Happy Halloween scrolling sign? This is pretty neat!
  2. IS this a real song? I have never heard of it until now. I had to look it up.
  3. Last year, many went with Gagnam Style for popular song. Now that we have almost 3/4 of the year 2013 gone, what do you think will be a popular song to sequence our shows to? I'm trying to get ideas for songs but nothing comes to mind. Maybe you guys can help me (us).
  4. I had purchased a 4 channel Zmodo but less than 2 months later, I sold it to get a 16 channel Zmodo. Very easy to instal and the build quality is just as good as any other system in the higher $$ range. Only caveat of the cameras is that they are CMOS. CMOS doesn't look as good in the daytime. Where they shine is in the night with IR built in. Green grass doesn't look green but brownish. I upgraded my system last year to get a Zmodo PTZ camera. Looking at the picture on the web when I bought it made me think that the camera was maybe the size of a softball. Turned out it was as big if not bigger than a football! It also reduced my home insurance. The Zmodo 16 channel with cameras can be bought on eBay for less than $400.
  5. I ordered 2 more a few weeks ago but can't remember the exact date. I only need them for Halloween but this summer would be nice. When I get them, I will come back and say the exact time it takes from order to deliver. I don't know how things as low as $0.99 can be delivered for free. Places like Dealextreme and Banggood deliver for free and they have tons of stuff that are very low in price. Meanwhile, to send something from Canada to New Jersey with tracking, and I must say it was a ring in a bubble envelope , it ended up costing me $18.67 !!!!
  6. I had asked the question about which song was going to be the hit this year. The response was "Thrift Store".
  7. After waiting for so long, I received the motors and I liked them so much, I ordered 2 more!!!I guess for the price, I can wait a few months.
  8. Sorry but I just need to ask and I don't want to sound as a perv. What are the flesh colored items at the right of the picture? To me they look like boobs.
  9. Aurora is having a rewrite right now and should be out this summer. I don't know of all the new things it will support but I know at least it will have support of 32 universes using the E1.31 protocol. Oh yeah, that is all DMX.
  10. Thank you. It sure was a popular attraction. So much that last night, we were at the Rock of Ages tour in my town and someone recognized me from the TV interviews we had done and they wanted to tell us how wonderful the display was especially the Gangnam Style Nutcracker.
  11. I agree but disagree at the same time. I added it in my 2012 display and people were just happy to see a break in the middle of the display. It was VERY popular with kids and some parents alike. I wonder what will be the One Hit Wonder for 2013!!!!
  12. After sending them an email, they did tell me they had posted their stuff from Singapore Post so I don't understand why that would have anything to so with the Chinese New Year. This is the email I got back from them: Dear BigDPS, Thank you for your email. Because of the Spring Festival holiday, we shipped the item at Feb.12 by Singapore Post as per your PayPal shipping address in the following. To: BigDPS XXXX XXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX It is expected to arrive in 15-25 working days upon international delivering. We will do our best to provide affordable, reliable postal service and we hope it will arrive on time safely. But as you know, the international shipping time is highly depended on Courier Company and local customs, especially due to the weather. We beg your understanding for the uncontrollable shipping time. We would be very appreciate if you can wait some days later. We promise that we shall do whatever we can to help you if you do not get it at last. Thanks! Hubery LU SOLAR & ELECTRONICS At least they do answer their email so it is not all lost. I will wait a bit more. It only has been 19 business days... PS: Don't feel bad John, it is still a good find. I just wish they would let their customers about delays when they get the money from PayPal.
  13. Just a little update about the motor site that the OP posted about. I had ordered 2 motors from there on February 10th according to Paypal and I still haven't received them yet. I just sent them an email and hopefully they will have a good answer for me. Buyers beware.....
  14. In lay mans term, if you do animated "face" talking or singing, Papayago will find the proper way to make your faces look like they are supposed to look like when certain words are sung. You tell the program where or what channels you use for the upper lip, lower lip, wavey smile and o mouth when it is opened. You type the words you want to see animated or input bits of the song then you adjust where the words are being spoken. Once you are satisfied with the results, you export it as a certain LOR file and when you import it in LOR, the proper chanels will already be filled up for you. It is what I got from playing around with it. It did what it was supposed to do but wasn't any good for me , an Aurora user. If I could save the files from the demo LOR then I could import it back to Aurora but no-go.
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