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  1. Yes. He did Pac-man vs Jaws. Quite funny and cute.
  2. Ha ha. That is true. My pole is a 1 1/4 galvanized steel water pipe. I am using Darryl Brown's design from last year with a 5-way screw in base. My guy wire stakes popped out of the ground like a champagne cork, them the pole bent ever so slightly at the thread and then.... bam! Took me two days to get it back up. (I just finished and am ready to collapse). Today I went to my day job to "rest" from the Xmas lights setup, ha! I am back on track and will be done with the entire show by tomorrow (minus the season long tweaks). I am happy.
  3. The windstorm from Wednesday knocked my mega tree to the ground. Alas, not the best way to begin the season. The structure is back up, the lights detangled, the extension cords.... still tangled, and I am coooooold! The lights will go up today or tomorrow or the day after but they go up. Sigh.
  4. What are dirt daubers? Some sort of insect? Pardon my ignorance.
  5. You have a good Walmart. My local Walmart looks like it is about go go bankrupt. It is not, because it is always full of people. They just do not stock it well. Alas! Thank heavens for the internet. It is always well-stocked.
  6. Try this link. If it does not work. Google internet archive and it should take to to the "way back" page. Have it look for phantasmechanics and it should retrieve an old backed up copy of the site. Good luck! http://web.archive.org/web/20080217050407/http://www.phantasmechanics.com/index.html
  7. I also built one a few years back. When I did, I did not even know one could use a hacksaw to cut aluminum stock. I used the phantasmechanics instructions and this web site as well because it has very good pictures of all the steps and "dumbed" everything down. http://www.kickthefog.com/crank_ghost.htm I display it on the window and used this frame: http://www.edyeb.com/fcgframe.htm Good luck!
  8. Wow! This is like Ticketmaster, but worse. I have never encountered this problem in years past. Summer sale it is... or not.
  9. They look gorgeous! thanks for the picture.
  10. I see. Hmmm. I am not too far from the road though (~20 feet). Do you know how much brighter the C9 would be over the C7? I suspect it will look good no matter which one I use.
  11. I would like to line my roof with either C7 or C9 LED lights. Does it make a difference whether I use one or the other. They will be spaced at 1 foot. Would that make the C9 a better candidate?
  12. One, mine. That works for me. New Yorkers are not impressionable people. I do this for myself and always end up dancing in front of my house every day. :121_reindeer:
  13. I will be moving to long island soon. Albertson or Garden City. To be determined.
  14. Greg, Thank you very much. I took some new ideas with me as well. Loved your ribbon tree idea. I am going to try to make one for this year! I wish you sucess!
  15. Will do. I know the people there, with their love of music, will really like this. My sister has been asking me to do it for the past 2 seasons, so this year I have to deliver. Will your friend be working at the courthouse in the Chardon Ave?
  16. Anybody in Puerto Rico? While I live in NYC, my sister and parents live in PR. I will be setting up something for them in Santa Maria for 2009. Probably 16, maybe 32 channels depending on what I can muster for them. Hay alguien de Puerto Rico por aqui? Vay a decorar la casa de mi hermana o de mis padres este anyo.
  17. plistumi


    Me too. Since I could not go to work that day. I made a snow leprechaun which melted by the end of the week.
  18. plistumi


    Where are the lights? With all this snow, it would be nice to see christmas lights singing and dancing. Here in NYC I have serious cabin fever. Could not even go to work. Sigh!
  19. I would be willing to organize one, but I am located in the NYC metro area.
  20. Are there any mini's taking place in New York? If not, would anybody be interested in one. I would be willing to help set one up. I am a beginner so I would need help organizing something like this.
  21. These sell for 205.00 at the LOR site. I am taking a hit on completely new and unopened equipment.
  22. That is gorgeous. If I may ask, how did you do it?
  23. New to the neighborhood. Just moved from San Francisco, CA to the Forest Hills area of Queens, NY. Boy it is cold here.
  24. I just set up my display in Forest Hills, NY.
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