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  1. Anyone have luck sealing plugs from the elements? We live in the Pacific Northwest and December can be really wet. I typically have issues with the GFCI breakers popping when it starts raining. Last year was better as I wrapped all the connections in plastic and tape but that's a royal pain. Is there a plastic based sealant that I can brush on that will seal the connections between cords and then remove? I'm thinking like the stuff you brush on tool handles to make a plastic grip. I saw something on a web site, but now can't find it. Does everyone just take out the GFCI breakers? Thanks in advance. Jeff
  2. Yes this year I'm going animated with 32 channels to start. The biggest thing I'm having trouble with is how to deal with all the extension cords. We don't have a large display by most of this sites standards, but we had a ton of extension cords already and now each light on each channel needs it's own cord...crazy. It could be a real mess. The other issue is how do you utilize what you already have into your animated show. For instance we have little xmas trees, 2 per set that would be fun to individually animate, but I know that you can't just start cutting up light sets...they need all the bulbs to maintain voltage and bulb life. So do you just use light sets on trees and the house and start with flashing those? One idea that I had was to put 2 or three different strings along the gutter and cycle between those sets. Thanks for any hints. My wife went to the conference this year and she had a blast. Jeff
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