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  1. Mark McCauley wrote: Thanks for this site Mark. Do I understand correctly that anyone can order from there and there is no miminum, for example, don't have to buy by the case?
  2. If there is a contact number anywhere on the box I would call and ask, plus let them know how confusing their packaging is. So many things are like that and it is always a guessing game.
  3. The one thing that I have been doing is making tomato cage trees. I use two, but haven't cut any before. If I can borrow some bolt cutters I might try it. But putting two together and alternating where the parallel braces are makes the tree more round. The garland does work well as was stated to make it more round, but it really isn't bad with it if you use two. I believe from the road it would look fine. I also make coat hanger trees. They need garland though.
  4. LiquidRetro wrote: Exactly, that is what I am thinking as well. The suction cups and tape don'e even work on the inside of the window here, just too darn cold. The person who invents the right thing for cold weather could become rich.:laughing:
  5. Very cute, loved the pics. I am a very visual learner.
  6. Dan, how did you get the gold and red color? Spray paint?
  7. Great idea, I will look in our Walmart. Thanks.
  8. I am a little concerned about the suction cups as we have such high winds with the cold and snow. I appreciate all the responses though to my thread and if you can think of anything else as to how to do this, please let me know. I will also let you know how I do it and what will work. I was thinking of going from the shutter as was suggested, but how would I keep it from sagging as it is a pretty good span across. You people are wonderful for your suggestions and help.
  9. ryanshow wrote: Awww, thank you and it makes me feel better.
  10. Yep, that is it. How weird is that and why wouldn't it work for me? Thanks. Well, there is the picture that was reqested when I made this post.
  11. Here is the picture that was requested. Would love suggested of how to decorate the ramp as well. I did garland and lights along the top rail last year with a couple coat hanger trees and one tomatoe cage tree. HMMMM I used the insert image, where is my pic?
  12. Thank you Mary Jayne, Sneaky Pete, and Steven. Sounds like some wonderful ideas. I will have to see what is available around here for me. Sneaky Pete, I don't understand what you are hooking the clips on at the window? I don't think the tension rods will be long enough, but I will check them out at Walmart. Steven the link froze when I tried to watch the video and I had to reboot. Will try it again later. :happytree:
  13. That sure makes sense, thank you. I am not sure if I am strong enough to cut the wire, but I will try one and see.
  14. Brian, I noticed that you put garland on them. I do that for my trees for inside, like my big tomato cage tree and coat hanger trees. I was thinking of just putting the lights on the tomato cages outside. Cajun, I am not real experienced, but when I saw how the cages were triangular I did two things. 1. Doubled up on them and 2. Used wire to reinforce to make them round. The garland also helps with that. You spoke of lathe, am I going to be able to pound this into the ground. I am a 62 yr old female. My husband is in a wheelchair and I fasten two down last year on his steel ramp w
  15. No wonder they look so beautiful with all the work that goes into them. Very nice photo and looks lovely, thanks for sharing and to you both for the information. I won't be able to do that.
  16. Thank you all for the nice welcome. Wow, a small world for sure. I know where Dansville, been through there. Had cancer treatments and surgery and my doctors are in Rochester and I was born in Cleveland, OH. Does the brother of the poster live in the village or Albion or Town? I live in the village.
  17. I am pretty sure it is vinyl siding, but wide board looking, like five inches or so. I see that to show a pic I have to have a url, so as soon as I can get one into photobucket or somewhere I will try to post one. Thanks
  18. I wanted to put lights around my big window on the front of our home. I don't know how to attach them. I am sorry that I have so many questions, but Christmas is my favorite holiday and I don't know how to do these things. My husband is in a chair now and as far as around the window, he doesn't know how to do that either. I know not to use nails in the siding.:laughing:
  19. Personally, I don't like taking the Christ out of Christmas. The reason for the season. Only takes a bit longer to write it out in full.
  20. I would like to make a few trees from tomato cages. I was going to put two together for added stability. I noticed from reading here that some of you use a tripod type frame. How do you fasten these down so they don't blow away. How can I fasten down the tomato cages? Living here in WNY the wind always blows and mostly quite hard when it snows. Lots of lake effect snow. Thanks.
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