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  1. I still have molds left. If there is something you are interested in, PM me.
  2. I have no real easy way to ship that mold. A lot of this pricing especially the big stuff is my, "You come to C3 and get it, I dont have to box it " discount.
  3. Trick or Treat Tombstone $20 Halo Nativity $15 Winni the Pooh $15 Blue Tip angels.....$20 each Used one---$10 drummer kids $35 pair red head witch $30
  4. Chilly Willy Penguins $10 Noel Candles $10 each Have 5 Ginger Bread Person---Missing some paint on top of arm---$10 LIFESIZE shepherd and sheep $20 Union Nativity Stars $30 These make GREAT RGB pixel stars. Add the standard rectangular RGB modules and make the star any color you want!!!! Use a DC controller or $7 dmx controller to run it. Check out the video!! https://vimeo.com/19450648 Nativity Animals $10 each (except camel) Camels ($25) Frankenstein $10 Elf w/ Present $20 each Have 2 Mrs Claus 2 Kinds $15 each Slim Ghost $20 Mini Disney Molds 4 piece set $80 Flouscent Snowman $15 Big Santa w/ Puppy $15 Big SNOOPY $65 Orange Halloween House $15 Empire Shepherd w/ box. $30 Excellent Condition!!!! Trick or Treat Tombstone $20 If there is something you want to see.....Post it so I make sure it ends up in the Trailer!!!
  5. I won't be able to make the Friday night meet-n-greet, so I'll be arriving at C3 Saturday morning. Lots of big molds for great pricing. I want them out of my attic. Anyone looking for pumpkins? $5 each Santa? $10-15 Candy Canes. $5 Big Ghost on Pumpkin $10 Mr & Mrs Bunny $20 set
  6. Check out the Vflood from Two Dog Lights. Awesome flood!!! http://twodoglightstore.com/category.php?id_category=8
  7. TPI lamps-----perfect for a RGB project. There are some cracks on the lamp plastic, but should be fixable.
  8. I agree with Brad, That looks exactly like the foam spooky tree I threw away last year from a group sale. (broken)
  9. C3 is labor day weekend. What ever is left I'll put up after.
  10. People from all over the country come.....there is even someone coming from England. http://chicago2012.constantlychristmas.com/index.php
  11. Click the album to see most of the molds. I'll post more pictures later. This is for C3 participants only right now. Anything left over will be posted afterwards. I will be pricing these all to not come home with me. PM me for pricing. Payment required ASAP to hold the item. http://s12.photobucket.com/albums/a220/chrisl1976/Blow%20Molds%20For%20sale/?start=all
  12. $25 each plus shipping. PM me with zipcode for shipping cost.
  13. $25 plus shipping PM me your zip code for total costs
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