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  1. Ok, I have to say I am officially a little ticked off. This is my 4th year using LOR and I will admit that I have used some of Richard Holdman's sequences to adapt them to my own display. I have had the same songs going for 3 years in a row now. Last year another guy in the same city came by and was talking to me about my display, he has been decorating his house for over 10 years and had just started doing the LOR thing. This year, I saw he copied some of my display elements, no big deal we all do it. But today I just realized that over half of his songs are the EXACT same songs as mine!
  2. The Christmas in Cruces Spring 2010 sale has begun. All transmitters are 10% off the already extremely low price. The sale will run until 15 May 2010. Ramsey is still back-ordered on the FM100B's, but they are due in very soon. If you pre-order an FM100 fully assembled, the discount is 15% off! If that isn't enough to entice you, how about this? PC members can use the discount code "PCMEMBER" and receive an additional 5% off your entire order! I have both kits as well as fully assembled Ramsey transmitters available. With these really low prices, please allow extra time for del
  3. I'll take it, no need to ship. :giggle:
  4. Actually disregard that last request. I just put in the movie and made my own clip. I edited it a bit to combine a few clips into one.
  5. That clip sounds like a neat and fun idea. Does anyone have that audio already ripped? I have the DVD and can do it, but thought it would be easier is someone has it already. If not, I can rip it myself. I'm also seriously considering the "Let's get ready to rumble" intro, although that isn't Christmassy. :121_reindeer: Thanks,
  6. Does anyone have any ideas for a good show opener? A couple years ago I used the "Broken" THX song, but last year I didn't use anything. I would like something that is upbeat and fun. Does anyone have any good ideas for a great show opener?
  7. Another simple to use *free* program to use is YAWcam (Yet Another Webcam). It allows you to steam, save to a file, ftp, etc. www.yawcam.com I'm in the market for a webcam myself. I'm trying to find a decent wireless network cam for not too much. I have found several for around $120, I guess that is the going rate for a halfway decent camera?
  8. Don't forget, if you are looking for a new transmitter this year, I am still selling them both in kit form and fully assembled. PC members get an extra 10% discount by using the coupon code: PCMEMBER upon checkout. I am an authorized Ramsey distributor and all transmitters come with a full warranty. Visit my store at shop.christmasincruces.com
  9. Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great season and are starting to catch Spring Fever. As of today, all Wired/Tested versions of the Ramsey FM transmitters are on sale! The price on Wired/Tested units has been dropped 10%, but don't forget as a PC member you get an additional 10% off! Use coupon code PCMEMBER upon checkout. Here is a list of the prices WITH the PC discount: FM10C - $48.55 FM25B - $129.55 FM30B - $218.65 FM100B - $299.65 Hurry, these prices won't last forever! Most orders ship within 2-3 days, but with these prices please understand orders could take up to 2
  10. Does anyone know if the DVD will be made this year of all the displays? I bought the one from last year and would like to contribute to this year's if it isn't too late. I haven't seen the thread about it, but I could just be missing it.
  11. Where do you find the time and temperature sound files? I have ZaraRadio installed as well as weatherwatcher, but can't find sound files for time and temp. Thanks,
  12. My Lowes is about to make a lot of money off of me. I am about to purchase 500 sets of 100 ct minis. At $2.50/box, that is $1250 plus tax. I am a little disappointed that they went up 50 cents this year, but what can you do?
  13. I just may take you up on that offer. All the FM100's arrived today and I have 10, yes 10 to build within the next week or so. Each one takes 4 hours to complete, so I have a lot to do just to catch up on the backorders. PM is sent, I have 144 channels this year and 13 songs planned. (I probably won't get that many done). So far I have 4 half done. I may have you do a couple if you have the time.
  14. Does anyone have a sequence they would like to share of the Disney Electrical Light Parade? I am wanting to use this as my opening sequence this year. I would like to "borrow" some of the sequencing if anyone has it available. Thanks in advance. I am so far behind in my sequencing it is not even funny. I have been spending all my time building transmitters for everyone that I have neglected the most time consuming thing of the display. I should have had a bunch of songs done and so far I have about 3 half way done.
  15. Does anyone have a sequence of WIW using arches? I have the song sequenced from my display last year, but I am adding four 7-channel arches this year and would like some help with the arch sequences. If anyone has it with arches and is willing to share, I would really appreciate it. Thanks,
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