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  1. I hope everyone has had a safe setup thus far this season! I had the roof done a couple of weeks ago and was feeling good but with Thanksgiving fast approaching I am feeling a bit behind.....as usual! Yesterday I hung 7 snowflakes on the house, lit 4 pillars, and put up 2 chasing light poles. I still have 8 yard arches, 3 leaping arches, 19 mini trees, 4 shooting stars/poles, and 1-48 channel mega tree to get up. I also still have two songs to get sequenced. We are only two weeks out! I better get back to work.
  2. Just looked at the calendar yesterday and projected start date for hanging is Oct. 6th! I usually start mid October but I think I am going to speed it up a week this year. I will start on the roof as usual. Get the 88 string outline done (4 colors), and then the new strobes I am adding this year. Last year I added white LED strobes to the roof, and now red, blue, and green too! Going to take some extra time so starting earlier is a must I think. Best wishes to everyone and BE SAFE!
  3. Last year I tackled Dueling Jingle Bells and it was quite a hit. I received really good feedback and most had not heard it.
  4. I worked from about 6:30am yesterday until after dark. I just finished plugging in the last item when the snow set in. It snowed pretty good last night. Today I had to link up all the controllers and make the power runs in the snow. Got it all done and ran the hardware utility......everything came on! Last thing I want to do is add some strobes to the roof....hopefully tomorrow. Tonight around midnight I am running the first test show. Still a little to do with some music but I feel amazing relief now. I know it is all worth it in the end but man this year seemed tough for some reason! Continued success to the rest of you during setup!
  5. I want to add some strobes to various parts of my roof line. I am using C7 LED strobes on old C7 strands. I want to stagger a strobe here and there throughout my roof and am wondering the best way to do it. Do you guys customize your strands or just black out the unused sockets in the C7 strand? I have a rather large area to cover and would like to somehow customize the strands using SPT-2 if possible or something similar. Just not sure how to go about it. Thanks in advance. Corey
  6. OK, as of today, everything is up other than some last minute strobes. Starting tomorrow, I have to wire up all 256 channels after I place the controllers. Doing OK on time but I want to test run it this weekend but Utah is looking at a Friday/Saturday storm....again! It has stormed every weekend since I started the setup. Mother Nature is making this year very difficult although the weekdays have been nice. Just not much time on those days. Fingers crossed....still shooting for test this weekend sometime.
  7. Finally got the roof all lit last week. Was attempting to do some more lighting from the ladder and the weather set in big time the night before last. We have about 4 inches on the ground and it's cold today! Going to delay me a bit. Meantime I am inside the garage re-wrapping mini trees with LED's from last years sale. Going to try to get back on the ladder today but always makes me nervous when it's wet out. If the sun comes out today it should melt off. Funny how every year I start mid October and feel good about it...then by this time I am feeling rushed! Just finished my sixth song for the season this morning. Going to shoot for one or two more by Thanksgiving.
  8. So on my roof line, I have pre-installed 3 different colors of lights (red, white, and blue) onto PVC sections to make setup and take down much quicker and easier. Those 3 were easy as they were all the same brand and size of lights so the lengths matched up perfectly. However, I still want to install green as well. The problem is the green lights are a different brand and therefore are a different length. The others are 19.6 ft. lit, and the green is 16 feet lit. I still want to be able to leave the green on the PVC sections each year. What I am wondering is, does anyone have any ideas on what I can do at the 19.6 ft junction with the green set so I can disconnect them each year at the same point as the other three sets? Some sort of quick connector or something? I don't think a plug will work due to there being 3 wires....correct? Thanks in advance. Corey
  9. Hey Relxerd, sorry for the delay. i will shoot you a pic in the next day or so and try and help you out. I did some more today. It is going up so nicely and seems very secure.
  10. I had posted a little while back about trying to "automate" the light installation on the roof. This year I am putting up red, green, blue, and white LED's. In the past i have put up three colors and the roof has been my most labor intensive and least favorite part of the display setup. I decided to try installing the lights on 1/2" PVC first with zip ties so I could put the lights up in sections. I have been building those sections the last few weeks. Today I started putting them up and man I am stoked about how it is going so far. The PVC is sitting perfectly on the edge of the gutter, and then I am using zip ties wrapped around the PVC and attached to the gutter nails that attach the gutters to the house. They are spaced every couple of feet or so so it is perfect. Then, on the roof line, I am placing the sections right near the peak, then placing a shingle hook every couple of feet and using zip ties around the PVC and shingle hook. It pulls the PVC right up snug and holds it in place. My roof has always taken me close to 20 hours or so. I think this will cut my time in half, or close to it. It has been very easy thus far to install the sections straight giving it a good clean look.
  11. I have been working inside the garage getting things ready and today officially started the installation. I have switched to all C6 LED's for the roof due to overall weight of having four different colors up there. I got the roof about 30% done today. Great start so far!!!
  12. Does anyone remember the free download for software that will allow you to record bits and pieces of voices and such from DVD's? I had it on my old computer but can't remember which software or company it is. The old one I had would allow you to record up to 30 seconds or so but you had to purchase a full version to do any more than that. Thanks in advance. Corey
  13. OK so I tried something out today. I used a 10' length of 1/2" white PVC and attached 3 of my 4 c6 LED strands with wire ties and zip ties. I then placed it on top of my rain gutter and was able to secure it by using wire ties to the nails that anchor the gutters to my roof. It seemed to work pretty well and I think if I anchor 3 spots along each 10' section it will hold securely. My C6 strands are 19.5' lighted length so I was thinking about using another section to finish off the lights so the length will be 19.5' but I will use a zip tie to join them so that I can fold it in half for storage later on. Do you guys think this will work? Now, what I would like even better is something of the same material so it is light yet strong, but flat instead of round. The install of the lights would sure be easier on a flat piece instead of the round pipe. Also, I think a flat piece will sit better on my hips and gables. I have nosed around home depot and they have nothing of the sort. I just like PVC better than wood for the weather here in Utah. I am paying $1.48 for a 10' section of PVC and would like to keep the cost as low as possible. Thanks in advance. Corey
  14. Hey all, I have been away too darn long but thank you all for the wonderful ideas. Not sure any of them will work quite yet but I need to bear down and get to work....like yesterday! If any of you think of anything else please share them! Thanks again. Corey
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