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  1. Got my Multi color icicles yesterday. Look really good.
  2. The Philly Area has been held in NJ the last 2 years. Here is the info for this years event. LightsByGreg has taken on the task of mini host. Or would that be host of the mini? There is a section for the Philly Area mini on DoItYourselfChristmas.com. Please join up and post your interest there. Here is a link to the section The gathering has attracted many people from PlanetChristmas, the LOR and DoItYourselfChristmas forums. The agenda is starting to look very good. The dates: July 26 and 27.
  3. I have the sleigh and 3 reindeer. I think you will have no problem getting them into your Cobalt. The only problem could be if you have a 2 door.
  4. Please send me the list also kmaier @ csccom Thanks
  5. Jeff Where did you purchase the SPT-2 wire and for how much ?
  6. Talked to Paul on Monday and got my order in.
  7. JR I am looking to make a Merry Christams and Peace on Earth Sign this year. I see that you have all of the letters in Seperate files. Could you zip with into 1 file. It would make downloading a lot easier. Thanks Karl
  8. Thanks for the Heads up. Went to my local sears and scoped 11 box of blue mini led and 5 box of blue C-6 blubs.
  9. Great How To. Well written and explains all of the steps in detail. The instructions will help those that want to build a wire bundle. Thanks
  10. You have some room on the porch roof without any lights. LOL Love the lights and those blowmolds. You must make your mother proud with the display.
  11. You can confirm my request for 2. I would take upto 4 if some other people drop out.
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