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  1. Wow, I can't imagine outlining all of those windows.
  2. Hey folks. Here is mine: We are in Virginia Beach.
  3. These are directly from the SuperStar site. I love them as do the visitors. They are actually a lot of fun to sequence.
  4. Nah, no problems. Just unnerving for the wife. She is already scared of fire. lol
  5. Thanks Dave. I actually screwed two bolts in the top at the ends of the broken pieces and then used a hose clamp to pull them together. It has been working like a champ.
  6. Here is a new one for me, but I think I know the answer. When all of my lights come on at certain points in the show, my breaker box buzzes in time with the lights. Also, my computer screen gets a case of the horizontals in time with the buzzing. The breaker panel is on the wall in the garage opposite my computer room. My question is, am I pulling too much power somewhere? (Although I think the answer is yes, I need to know for sure.) I have a 200 amp service. You can see my setup here Thanks, Greg
  7. I use a wooden stake that I cut from some old fencing. It seems like the winds only pick up in December around here!
  8. Well, UV has finally broken one of my arches. I am thinking of cutting the other one in half as well and programming them as poles. Each half would be 4 channels, so I would have 4 poles with a total of 16 channels. Any suggestions on how to set them up? I am thinking of putting them in a fan configuration. Each 4 channel section will slide over rebar, but I am concerned the weight of the two ends will cause the pole to fall. I also thought about putting them into trees like oversized icicles. Thoughts? Greg
  9. I have to say, I live 20 minutes from GF, and every season I go in to get some molds, they are incredibly helpful and kind. They do, however, hire quite a few seasonal employess who have really no idea what is going on.
  10. I go into my mailbox yesterday, and I find a card decorated with crayon and pictures of the season. I open it up and it reads, "I hope your neighbors enjoy your lights. I like to see them all the time. Thank you." My display is not that large yet, but I think next year will be an improvement. I do this to hopefully make memories for people, and that card just reemphasizes my attitude. I love the season. Greg
  11. 64 channels, numerous edited songs, pictures for lor, amp/watt info...all of it was stored on the network. I didn't do a real show last year, so I didn't need the computer. I was resurrecting my show, and when I was cleaning up the folders, I deleted the 2009 folder from the network. Well, I just found out that when you delete from the network, it does not go to the recycle bin. It is gone forever. Drat Oh well, gives me a chance to do it over again. Greg
  12. My plan is to get 4 of the 16pc kits. I am going to put 2 each into a modified rubbermaid container that will have 16 sockets around the outside. Or I may just use one container per board. Still thinking about it.
  13. I, too, am ordering a few of the DIY controllers. I was about to get out of the game, but I just come back here to get motivated again. I don't think I will do anything new this year. Greg
  14. Thanks to all, it has been sold. Greg
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