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  1. I have the new Gemmy snow globe inflatable from Lowe's that is Frosty the Snowman with the rabbit at the bottom and a big black snowman hat on top. Got the LAST one within 60 miles of where I live after checking online and brought it home, plugged in and no lights. I have over 100 inflatables and have never had one that the lights didn't work. If I take it back I won't get another one...that would be my last resort. ...and I'm not electrically inclined...but wondered if anyone had any advice I could pass on to my husband for things we might do to get the lights going??? I was so excited o
  2. I bought this snowman 2 or 3 years ago at Garden Ridge...LOVE HIM! BUT, his motor is wimpy and went dead so I bought a new motor from yardinflatables and sewed in a "tube" of nylon fabric similar to the inflatable fabric from where his old fan was that would reach the new fan and he worked better than ever last year!!!! woo hoo!
  3. LOVE your elf!!! I'd love to add more elves to my display. Where did you find the face?
  4. I definitely would like to see more cutout pictures!!! I LOVE this santa and reindeer! Fantastic job on painting this! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thanks for posting!!! That was a great read during my lunch today!!!! Lots of fun to look at.
  6. I'd like to add lifesize nativity cut-outs to my display -- I love your figures deleskie! wow! Did you draw those freehand or where could I find the patterns? That's exactly the detail I've been looking for. I also like the idea of the different stages of the Christmas story. we have a 300' drive that every 30 or 40 feet or so I could put a different part of the story. I think I have my work "cut-out" for me on my Christmas 2011 display!!
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