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  1. Are you going to have a Cyber Monday sale this year? I have 2 of your covers but I am moving to a house that has 8 foot garage doors and my covers are for 7 foot doors and not sure how or if I can use them. I might need to but new ones.
  2. Love the Arch. What did you use for the arch? And hoe long did it take to assemble? Don't know if I have the space but would love to do something like it. Thanks for sharing. Gary
  3. How long is the string and extensions? Gary
  4. Sounds like a blast, if you can make room for a rookie from Nebraska. Be gentle I scare easily. Gary
  5. I think mine are all sent to the short list people. Plus I have received a few cards from people not on the partial list, is that normal, did I get on the big list too, or are the PCer's just being nice? So if there are any of you that got my card let me know what you think. Merry Christmas Gary
  6. Looks great. Put me on the list when you get some more things finalized. Gary
  7. Cody of you don't what to ship some of the stuff like: 9 Red/Green Mini Trees with 2000 lights on each. ($35 Each or $300 for All) 4 Mini Arches with Clear lights and 900 Lights On Each ($25 Each or $90 for All) 10 Rockets with Clear Lights and 1800 Lights On Each (6 Channels $35 Each or 300 for All) I live in Lincoln and come out and pickup somethings, I don't think I have enough free cash right now so I couldn't buy a lot but at least some of your stuff could stay in the state let me know when your ready and I see how much I can put together and what you might have left. Gary
  8. I had been getting no more that a car or two at time maybe 20 stops per night. Then I was lucky the local paper used my picture of my house in the article about lights in Lincoln Sat. morning and stops have increased a lot may have 2 or 3 cars at a time with 50 or 60 plus on the weekend nights but the weather was not so nice last night maybe it will get a little better the rest of the week. Here is a copy of the online article. http://www.journalstar.com/lifestyles/article_c7384db6-e5cc-11de-98e2-001cc4c03286.html Gary
  9. I also ordered from Paul at Creative Displays he shipped the same day and I received it in a day, but I am only 200 miles away. Now I just need the time to make the extension cords. Gary
  10. After 4 emails back and forth they just decide to cancel my entire order and I had to call them to get one order back and of course they didn't save the one I had wanted, but there were no bad seats in the bunch. So I no longer have additional tickets, I hope, and I am still waiting for the confirmation that I do have one pair of tickets. Thanks for reading and giving me a little advise. Hopefully this closes this issue. Gary
  11. Thanks, I don't want to make a profit just would like to get some of my money back. $420 is expensive for the 2 seats I wanted. I have also email Tix and TSO because I believe that some of the error has to be with there web process, I haven't heard back from them yet and I really don't expect them to do anything, but I thought I would try. I also didn't think anyone here would want the tickets just thought I would offer. Thanks, Gary
  12. Me and my browser were having issues this morning when I was ordering my TSO tickets in Council Bluffs for the 11-1-09 - 7:30 PM concert. To make a long story short I ended up with 3 pair of tickets because my browser locked up during checkout. They kept saying I had timed out and to start again. I checked my email to see if it might have went thru but saw nothing. On the third try I finally got a confirmation and I thought all was well BUT when I checked my email I got all three pair. So if somebody is interested in 2 or 4 TSO tickets you can have them at my cost $140.20 for a pair. The
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