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  1. I hope that people in here can buy the molds and start producing them.
  2. Nice display. I love all the TPI molds.
  3. Pretty sure it is Sunhill. I have one as well.
  4. I love those.. Sears carried the Yulescapes stuff to.. They weren't cheap. I think they made a few other houses too. I got the gingerbead house and a few other things.... lights are about out on it but I use it still.. the foam does get bad but it works great with the blowmold gingerbread men. https://www.facebook.com/brad.caudill#!/photo.php?fbid=580056738686490&set=a.556306457728185.145398.100000465061490&type=3&theater
  5. really Brandon... you had to dig this up and throw in your 2 cents.. for the record there is still a good bit left and he may find more this yard sale season.... he will list when he gets a chance to but the kids and job keep him busy.
  6. Go to Walmart.. get the 40W bulbs at 4 for $1 but yeah soon even those will be gone so we will have to either stock up or find another option.
  7. wow that really has me stumped.... you got a rare one there for sure.. maybe only one ever made.
  8. I am going with foam as well.. It could possibly be plastic but I doubt made by any big name company.
  9. ahh.. a wise guy aye... whoop whoop whoop.... just watched the new movie lastnight.. It was better than I expected.
  10. Do you have pictures of the actual items? People probably want to see what condition the mold is in.
  11. Nice job.. Never seen it done that way and depicting stories.. Love the reindeer training.
  12. The good old days... thanks for the post
  13. check out the fro on that choir boy.. amazing collection
  14. Where is the choir? I don't see it in the pic.
  15. Another idea is look for the plastic pipe end caps.. not sure of the official word but they are really cheap and are the perfect size for some of the GF molds.. would just attach the light socket to it like it was originally...... you can pay a fortune for them on Ebay but easier just to make them... if missing a smaller c7 size just hit up your local Dollar tree.
  16. wow.. thats alot of TPI choir people.. Nice display!
  17. I remember asking about you earlier this year and someone told me you were quitting the display. Sad to see it go as I remember it was one of the bigger ones...look forward to seeing what you are selling.. Glad you are still doing Halloween!
  18. I am not big into the repainting thing but it looks excellent. I wish I had that much tallent.
  19. Yeah I have seen it.. don't see them often.
  20. Nice find.. It is not rare at all though. I have probably 6 of them atleast.
  21. GF is having an open house? I know you can't normally just go buy from them.
  22. Reminds me of the Mold Craft baby.
  23. Drove from SC to Kingsport,TN and bought $3000 worth of molds.. I forget the exact amount of molds but It was a pull behind Uhual full plus a lifesize animated Santa and a FM200B transmitter. A group of PCers went in on the buy and one drove up from Texas to get her share. I used to have pics of what we got but I think they got lost in a computer crash.
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