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  1. Discovery Communication's The Learning Channel (TLC) has scheduled airing of some Planet Christmas favorite shows on Christmas morning 2008. TLC, one of the 15 most widely distributed cable networks in the U.S., celebrates life
  2. 2,723,457 + 4,529 (in an 11 foot as seen on TV self powered dingy) equals 2,727,986
  3. TLC has produced a second edition of Crazy Christmas Lights titledMore Crazy Christmas Lights to be aired this season. This special goes inside the homes and lives of the craziest holiday decorators. Experience the madness when holiday decorating is taken to a whole new level! Get up close and see what happens when homeowners [and boaters] go over the top with their holiday displays. More Crazy Christmas Lights Premiers December 8, 2007 on TLC December 8, 8:00pm December 8, 11:00pm December 9, 3:00pm December 11, 8:00pm December 12, 1:00am December 18, 7:00pm December 19, 2:00
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