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  1. Hi, i have been running LOR AC light shows for many years. I am just starting to play around with PIXELS. I just purchased a LOR Pixie16 and some 12v Pixel nodes. I am able to build a sequence in S5 and control the pixels. I would like to install pixels permanently around the border of my house. I would like to use them for all holidays. My questions is what type of pixels should I buy. Should I buy the 12v pixel bullet nodes, pixels strips or something else? I kind of figured out a mounting method for the bullet pixel modes, but before I do this I was wondering if I shoul
  2. Ok - Last year was my first year for animation. I had 16 channels and here is what it looked like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdtXCSlGu6k I think it was a good first try but I wanted to expand this year. I would like to buy an additional 16 channels for a total of 32. Here is what I would like to have in my display: 10' mega tree 3 10' leaping arches 8 or 10 mini trees 4 green 85 watt flood lights 4 Red 85 watt flod lights 2 eight foot trees 4 sets of icelcle lights on botton roof line 3 sets of icelce lights on top roof line 5 sets of icecle lights around perimeter of yar
  3. I have seen some VERY impressive displays using only 16 channels. Can you share how many lights people have for these types of displays. This is my first year with LOL 16 and I am currently at 3500 lights. Thanks, Steve
  4. Other than Lightoramasequences.com are there any other sites I can find more downloadable sequences? Is this truly ok? I am learning how much work creating these sequences are and I don't want to feel like I am steeling any ones work. I do realize I will have to buy the song which is fine. Thanks for all your help. I just got tracking info for my controller, I should have it by next Tuesday. The waiting is killing me. Thanks,
  5. Another question already... I have noticed you can download sequences that people have already created. To get started quicker does it make sense to do this or is it best just to start from scratch and make my own? Thanks, Steve
  6. Brian, Thanks so much for your response, they help alot. I have read several of your posts tonight and have learned a great deal. What a great community. I will have many more questions and look forward to working with this this great group of people. Thanks again. Steve
  7. Thanks for the response. I have watched the videos and read a few articles etc on how to create a sequence and I think I have an idea of how to start. Couple questions: Please remember this is the first time for me so I appreciate your patience... 1. When I use the animation tool should I draw it to look just like my house display? 2. If so is it saved for just that animation and would I have to redraw it each time a create an animation. 3. Is a sequence typically one song, or are there multiple songs for a sequence. 4. Do most displays play multiple songs/sequences each night o
  8. Hi, Well I have been bitten by the bug. I have always decorated my house with the hopes of putting it to music someday, and2007 is the year. I should be receiving my starter package from Wowlights by next Wednesday. I purchased the LOL 16 channel controller with software and the Whole house FM Xmitter. Mike from Wowlight preshipped the xmitter and I just received it. Ten minutes later I had it unpacked, hooked up to my computer, and tested in my truckoutside my house. How cool is that. I have installed 2 dedicated 20 amp GFCI circuits and the cat5 cable to the front porch. I downloaded t
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