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    58 years old retired & enjoy christmas decorating.
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    32 ch. LOR with 21,00 lights this year.
  1. This is what I use on my RGB & it works great. http://www.safemart.com/Alarm-Wire/4-Conductor-22-Gauge-Alarm-Wire-500-FT-22AWG2C500-Stranded.htm Sorry just checked they changed to a $500 min order Mike
  2. Thanks that is what I nedded. I am trying to figure out what I can afford to change to LED's next year. Mike
  3. Has anyone head of plans for the 2014 pre sale? Also does anyone have a link to or know what the different string lenghts were on this years LED's. Thanks Mike
  4. 1602W WILL NOT WORK that is an AC controller you will need a 12V DC controller to use the spots. Mike
  5. Another reason I stay away from FB. FB found something on your page they did not like or agree with & POOF you are gone. Mike
  6. Yes Ray will combine shipping cost & the 27 CH controller will run 6- 5 meter dumb strips. I do not push mine that close I only run 4 strips per controller. Yes that is a waste of channels but it gives me room for spares in case of a problem & also to add other RGB items that have shorter lengths. Mike
  7. Does anyone have a link to Mouser for the correct resistor to be used in snubbers? Thanks Mike
  8. I am looking for 2 MP3 files for these songs I plan to use next year. 1. Jo-El Sonnier---Joy to The World Cajun 2. Boston Brass---- Jingle Bells Forever. Thanks Mike
  9. I used them for 3 years with no problems. Just have to secure them some way so they do not blow over with the wind. Mike
  10. I can take you back to the five & dime I was a manager for F.W. Woolworth for 13 years. Yes those were the good old days but being in management was not fun. Had to get all the Christmas out & set before Halloween The hours were long at this time of year but I did enjoy seeing all my customers. We would talk & have a good time & yes it was "Merry Christmas" I sure miss Woolworth. Mike
  11. Thanks I know a few years ago this happened on one of the boards & iy was something the member did. Mike
  12. Is anyone else getting a bunch of Chinese lettering when they click on you profile??? Any idea how to correct it?? Thanks Mike
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