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  1. here is a site I have used with NO PROBLEMS. Mike http://www.jdemirdjian.com/Pages/Christmas/Christmas_Songs_Page.htm
  2. Here is a link I have used in the past lots of music with oldies mixed in. These are FREE http://www.jdemirdjian.com/Pages/Christmas/Christmas_Songs_Page.htm Mike
  3. I need about 25 Red & 25 Green 100ct mini lights that Lowe's sold. Mike
  4. I am going to add a base to my mega tree next year & plan to use the following dimensions. 2' tall & 8' diameter, does anyone have a drawing or product list for this or close to it. thanks Mike
  5. I have seen a video that someone poted on how to make leaping arches but can not find it now. Anyone help me with this.. Thanks Mike
  6. I was in Sams Club in Ocala, FL> this morning & they had out C6 & C9 LED light stings for $11-$19 for 50. Mike http://mscollectibles.com/%20Xmas.htm
  7. This will be the second year we have had a party. I do one the first weekend in Dec. that way I have worked all the bugs out & all I have to do is turn the computer on & party. I serve a snack tray from the delli hot dogs & chese & crackers. It is a BYOB that way you can save a lot of money. Hope this helps & if in Florida 12/6 come on by. Mike Mais
  8. use this link listed under the forums tab. http://www.planetchristmas.com/
  9. Am I the only one that is haveing problems with Planet Christmas radio. I can not get it to open useing windows media player yes I do have the latest player#11. When I open it useinf Real Player it times out & disconects after 5-6 Min. What am I doing wrong. Thanks Mike:(
  10. I am going to buy a transmitter does anyone have or bought this one, http://cgi.ebay.com/0-5W-STEREO-FM-TRANSMITTER-LCD-ANTENNA-POWER_W0QQitemZ180270258210QQihZ008QQcategoryZ4675QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1742.m153.l1262 Let me know what your results were. Thanks Mike
  11. Hi Has anyone heard from him I e-mailed him a while back wanting him to do some voiceovers for me & never heard back. Mike:)
  12. If you sell them what do you need for them. Mike
  13. Hi If you decide to sell the topper that holds the lights please let me know. I am doing a 20' tree this year & need a topper. Thanks Mike
  14. Where can I find the FM 30b pre-built all I see is the kit? Mike
  15. I store all my Christmas lights, cords & displays in the attic here in Florida. I have been doing it for 5 years now & no ill efects. & yes it gets #*%* hot in the attic. Mike
  16. The lights were 18' I used them on amega tree I had in my display this year. My tree was only 8' I found the middle & hooked it on the top ran down to the ground 9' & out from the bast about 3-4' Hre is a video look on the right at the start. Used 9 strands of red & green. Thanks Mike Mais
  17. Hi I used one this year for the first time & loved it. I bought mine at K-Mart before christmas on sale for about $75. I toook the six standard plugs & used extention cords in each plug so now I had 18 items to flash. You can see a video at the link below. Everything that is flashing is run off the sight & sound. Thanks Mike
  18. I have been doing some looking at this program. It is only a PLANNER not a program to run your lights after all your work. Mike
  19. Has anybody used the current version of the light-o-rama software with windows Vista. If so were there any problems or issues. This year I used the six channel sight & sound but added a few more items Thanks Mike
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