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  1. I can take you back to the five & dime I was a manager for F.W. Woolworth for 13 years. Yes those were the good old days but being in management was not fun. Had to get all the Christmas out & set before Halloween The hours were long at this time of year but I did enjoy seeing all my customers. We would talk & have a good time & yes it was "Merry Christmas" I sure miss Woolworth.


  2. I posted this on the LOR message board & received no reply's for help maybe here.

    I have looked & still having trouble trying to group my channels. Example:

    I have 305 total Ch. of these I have 12 tomato cage mini trees(each tree has red, green & clear lights for a total of 36ch) , to help balance the load & use up unused Ch. they are spread over 4-5 controllers between Ch 1& 186.

    How is the easiest way to group these together so I can program them.

    Thanks Mike

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