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  1. Just got back with the family from Fiesta Texas in San Antonio. There was a LOR display (wasn't all that impressed, but it was okay), as well as the largest Christmas Tree in Texas... I guess I believe them
  2. Yea, it will be backlit. Will work on it tomorrow some more I believe I will use an oil based stain, and probably do it green as well. And my wood working tools are mostly at my office/shop, not here! Luckilly I still have my miter saw and my small Dewalt contractors saw, and a few of my clamps here Biggest pain is having some stuff here and more stuff there... nothing is ever where you want it, and it's too much $ to buy 2 of everything... let alone space for it all!
  3. Finally started my frame for mine... Here are some pictures: http://mike.napurano.com/album/listpics.asp?dir=HouseLights%5CChristmas%5CListen+To+Sign
  4. Looks good... I got mine done too. I just need to build the "sign". You know, the part that holds the vinyl/plexi I have some nice connections (one of my businesses is cut vinyl), so I paid $20 for mine. I'll probably spend more on the wood
  5. I have the chance to pickup quite a few new brown 15' 16ga brown extension cords (molded ends, etc) for $2/ea. At that price, you can cut them in half and just lengthen them to whatever you need and have a pretty cheap cable. If anyone else is interested.... I can pickup some extras too. Just shoot me a PM
  6. Just an FYI... Home Depot has the green 50' for ~$8.50.... I picked up more of them tonight. Lowes is pulling that 40' crap... shorting you 10' for the same price
  7. Looks good! Yea, I drew mine up in Photoshop. Actually, threw it together kinda quick since I'm behind on decorating this year. Only spent maybe an hour on it total.
  8. I disagree... this kind of post should most certainlly be allowed. There should be a special area on the forum for ANY feedback about vendors. Give everyone information... that includes both positive and negative feedback. We have done this for many years on my car enthusiast web site, and many others.
  9. I picked up a ton of the Home Depot 100 count mini's as they are $2 each. And they are the type where if one fails, the rest supposidly work :}
  10. Let me know how the return goes... as I think I will be returning mine too. Just doesn't work as well as I was hoping. Great for our house alone, but doesn't get far enough outside.
  11. Actually... I have cut the lower rings off the cages, so the 4 remaining vertical supports will stick down into the ground and hold it all in place! Quite simple really. I use 1 100 clear minilight set per tree, plus 1 100 colored (half my trees in green and half in red) minilight set... except for 1 of my trees, which is the center tree in my display... it has 100 clear, 100 green, and 100 red.
  12. The garland above is a nice touch for daytime viewing. Nothin special... but here are a few of mine in the garage last night as I was putting them together. Finished them up this morning though. Not too bad for about $9/ea
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