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  1. about an hour north of knoxville here and every mold on the ground if i hadn't had them attached to pvc they would have been GONE one of my big flags ended up over an acre away !WHEW no snow but it sure is raining today
  2. target online has some and american sale but i have heard shipping is high you are soo right nothing ever listed in KY i am over to the east HOWDY NEIGHBOR i hope to be able to get to a garden ridge this year
  3. we used the zip tie and pipe method last year and it worked well (ours is for weather not theft we are rural) and left the zipties on does the wire cause any paint damage?
  4. looks good! i haven't even started yet!
  5. dudes i never find any free and yard sales are slim pickin's anyone know which ACE hardwares would have this?/ my closest one in williamsburg ky doesn't think i might have luck going to lexington ky or knoxville tn?
  6. is garden ridge the only place that would have these?
  7. i think they are great! congratulations!
  8. SIMPLY AMAZING!!!! thank you for sharing!! i love it!!
  9. my friend needs a replacement Santa in his sleigh and i would LOVE a santa's best Snowman and Tigger and minnie
  10. LOVE IT! we haven't got all of ours out yet got a LATE start this year
  11. yeah but i am glad you were able to save some
  12. i think they are awesome!! great job!
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