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    Wichita, Kansas, USA
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    lighting,pyrotechnics,haunted attractions
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    Sophisticated Christmas Productions. I also own sophisticated terror productions
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    I design, fabricate, run a few commercial displays one of which is in Wichita, Ks with 1000 lor channels, water, fire....and another in High Point, NC with 384 channels, water, fire, wire frames, all led.
  1. Has anyone used their led rgb node products? Does anyone have any contacts for a distributor? Any help would be appreciated... Thanks kale
  2. we had four controllers this year catch fire right in the middle of the board....it was pretty awesome....not really lol We checked and made sure correct power was supplied and distributed....LOR is looking into it for us though...good thing we had a few back-ups...we always knew one of the 70 some controllers would go crazy..thats electronics for ya..
  3. Yeah we tried to order another 15 controllers and missed out as well...o well...summer sale it is..
  4. Thank you for the kind words...yeah this year is even more....added about another 15 controllers to expand a bit...We are Probably going to max out the lor network within 5 years unless they figure out a way to get over 200+ controller capability....Our whole drive through display will be lor eventually...right about 40-50 percent lor right now....have about 1000 channels right now.....programming def is no fun lol I know of maybe one or two places in other states that have a lil more channels then we do....its getting to the point that it takes soooo many hours to program its crazy! How is yours going this year? Kale
  5. The water runs soo much that it doesnt freeze in the pipes....along with all the piping being wrapped in heat tape...that helps alot too...
  6. Hey there, If I can get a 40ft mega tree, with 60k lights on it, several other trees and lights total around 100k lights, 192 channels all put up and programmed in a week. I start on this project the 20th and have to have it done by thanksgiving.....So you CAN do it! lol We all have faith in ya!
  7. I actually thought about what if i made several jets to go around the mega tree just outside of the mini trees....like 5 jets....that shoots jets instead of bursts like the mega tree has....be kinda like a rock concert then lol but hey....gotta entertain the crowds! what about the lights or display? what needs or could be changed? or added? Thanks! Keep the input coming!
  8. Here is the display im working on, im open to ideas on what to change or add this year? Thought it would be fun to involve everyone! The display is 192 channels, all led as well...probably around 100k lights....Just looking to change it up a bit this year so all input is welcome! Thanks PC community!
  9. How could have I forgotten?! Yes there are several videos on youtube of my display....its in several videos since I couldnt get it all on one so watch them all!.. Thanks guys Kale
  10. Hey everyone! Last years display was a huge hit! So guess what?> Im adding MORE LIGHTS! Thats right....over one million is just not enough lol More updates to come soon!
  11. hey all sorry I havent been able to post more.here is the you tube link to the videos of the display. http://www.youtube.com/resultssearch_type=&search_query=majikonemobiledj&aq=f check it out everyone! Thanks! kale
  12. Hey there! Posting on behalf of Kersey Valley Christmas in High Point, NC www.Kerseyvalleychristmas.com There is an animated show I did for them that is the only one of its kind. Over 100,000 leds and 200 channels of LOR with a giant flame effect! Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BclsuQU95s&feature=channel_page
  13. Here is the display I did for a place called Kerseyvalleychristmas.com In North Carolina all led lighting and fire effect. Check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BclsuQU95s
  14. Hey all! glad to hear most of you are doing well on your displays! I hope as well to get out and about to see some of the local displays around kansas....Hope you can all make it out to mine this year...Located at douglas and St Paul st in wichita. Open 6-10 nightly. All lor of course...Over one million lights, Over 800 channels, 300 mini trees, and a awesome 24 jet water display! The list goes on!.....Hope to see you all there! Bring the kids out for santa! Kale
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