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  1. Kev I agree. And the two drummer bears? Thats about what I've seen them on EBAY for. Sure he would take offeres!
  2. Great score! That skeleton is a good one!
  3. Ive tried to order there also. Says I'm missing some sort of "plug in" on my computer. Tried to download it from their site and it wouldnt work.
  4. Great job Richard! Your display gets better and better every year!
  5. FP now that is funny! LOL How have you been sleeping in that dog house?? LOL
  6. FP another fine display of blowmolds! Its probably been asked but are those pink looking gingerbread molds factory?
  7. Great display and it looks like you have a LOT of space! (space envy) lol
  8. Nice job! Your nativity is great!
  9. Nice job! And yes you have some very cool molds! And I would dread putting lights on your house!! ITS TALLLLLL~!~!
  10. Tim Ive been working on a color changing snowman idea also. I already use the big empire snowman in red, blue, and green. The blue one you can see for miles lol As for cutting down on blowmolds used. I'm heading in the other direction. Ive used more molds this year than ever and the only thing keeping me from adding more is the lack of power. Ive put CFL and low watt bulbs in my molds already. Next step is either expand the power grid or invest in CREE LED's lol Or maybe both??? : )
  11. This is our nativity after midnight Christmas eve. Moments after Jesus arrived! And I caught Santa sneaking out through the fireplace right after that !! : )
  12. I really like the snowman nativity! Great job!!!
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