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    Getting a visit from a Firefighter who had his best friend in the car with him who he just picked up from a plane from Iraq.
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    Castle Rock, Colorado, USA
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    Married, 2 Daughters
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    2008: 96 channels using LOR, EDM LCD
    one home
    dual 1/2 mega trees
    8' Bethlehem Star w/200 C9s
    around 17-18k total lights
    2009: 128 + 32 (160 total) channels using LOR
    two homes
    22' megatree with 9600 lights
    dual-path snowflake wall w/24 flakes
    8' Bethlehem Star w/200 C9s
    R,G,W on most items
    +Blue, Multi on some
    around 43-50k total lights

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  1. The really nice rgb floods will run you close to $100 each and are DMX controlled. You can also buy the holidaycoro variety for less and DMX also. A cheap way to control is to buy someone's lynx DMX dongle for $50 which gives you 512 ch of DMX and works with LOR. Each rgb fold takes 3 (someone's 4) DMX ch each.
  2. Rgb are the type of 3ch 'color changing' lights while DMX is the protocol used -- just to be clear. Are you doing both? Do you have any traditional lot channels still ? Do you have any non rgb lights still ? More information is needed to help you. What types of lights are you using? What kind of computer interface are you using? (LOR USB, DMX)
  3. It also might depend on the crime rate in your neighborhood. Most people like the show so don't want to mess with it. Also, its watched so much that its inherently very safe because of that.
  4. I have had 17 controllers outside in Colorado winters, in the snow, covered with snow, through blizzards ... No problems ... Ok, some times a frozen cat5 coupler which I should have had in the box. I also put some on the roof, also not a problem. I put the roof controllers on a part of the roof which melts first but is hidden from view.
  5. Greg, I use DMX, but not via lor s3. The main thing with s3 is better support for rgb and the channel groups and better hardware support. I love the groups. I put over 4300 channels into one screen using the groups and sub groups . I used xlights to playback the lor sequences. You could add lasers (DMX based) and just add a DMX dongle to your setup. The lynx DMX dongle is about $75 and an easy kit to build and works with lor s3.
  6. I just use zip ties and those stick on zip tie mounts as strain reliefs and they work well. They are also cheap enough to dispose of if desired. I also create strain reliefs for trip zones in the yard using rebar.
  7. Paul, that looks so great ... There is no way I could ever use conduit for all my cords, but thankfully it snows here and one coat then they are hidden . I really would feel limited in what I could do ... Plus many items are unavoidable piles or cords anyways .... Take a 48ch megatree. In the dark, nobody sees.
  8. Think carefully before advertising . Does directing traffic and dealing with angry neighbors also sound appealing?
  9. Some shows in denser neighborhoods with thru streets are very limited in viewing (2-4 cars max, out one side) .... And to me, those shows must be very short .... So songs also should be, or very few songs.
  10. Where you live matters (distance to your show) and do does your location type: suburban thru street, cul dec sac or acreage, downtown or urban , etc. Also factor in media coverage will drastically increase traffic and reduce show length and options. I prefer cut down songs and variety. Most people leave in 2-4 songs, while others drive up with dinner and watch the entire show over and over till the milkshakes r gone. My location is rural neighborhood cul de sac and I can handle 10-12 cars easily.... More than that and it's a zoo. If I advertised, it would be much worse, so I avoid any media and keep it local mainly.
  11. It's really good, no doubt. But to be fair ... its a high end projector show ... and if you look on the net ... those projector shows can be insanely good, including making entire buildings appear to crumble, etc. I wasted almost an entire night viewing those projector videos, and had no idea what was possible till watching some of them. I just think its awesome, but an entirely different animal than what most of us are doing, because we use real lights and this appears to be mostly projector magic.
  12. taybrynn

    Twig Tree

    Basically these twig trees are really built fairly poorly. If you are handy with coat hangers or small PVC tubing ... once you get 700ct of red, green and white on them ... its a wire tree ... you won't see whats underneath with all the wires and lights ... seriously. To problem is making it collapsable or hinged to you can fold up for storage at the end of the season.t can barely stand up under the weight. And the base is jsut fairly flimsy metal ... so if your creative ... you could make these yourself. I bought mine from walmart and target at the 2008 and 2009 clearance sales ... but have found that most place now don't have similar trees available anymore. I put rebar into the ground and tick the tree over it ... and mine have never blown ever even once.
  13. And heres a version from 2009 http://vimeo.com/8070193
  14. Its always a favorite - and yes, I'm sick of it like everyone else ... but Wizards is something you should play because of the overall appeal and respect for the hobby. I'll probably do a 2011 version as well -- lol And heres a version from 2008
  15. Highly recommended. http://www.noveltylights.com/C7-C9-Christmas-Lights/
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