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  1. If you are comfortable with it do it yourself. I upgraded my power in my house about a year ago and it was a long day but it was a couple hundred dollars. The wire that was going to the house was big enough to handle the change from 125 to 200. I had to run the new riser wire to the mast head, new meter base, wire between outside and inside and new breakers and re-attach all of the cables. I felt good after the power company asked me a couple questions about the wire and he hooked up the main and looked at me and said the main turn on is on you. I felt good hitting all of the breakers and getting off the generator.
  2. I have 6 GFCI plugs in the garage. I want to extend them and place them in the front. I know that I can come out of the GFCI and place a regular plug in the yard in a weatherproof box. I'm going to use 14ga wire to feed the outlets. I know that each of the outlets need an individual hot and neutral. Can the 4 outlets that I'm placing in the front yard share the same ground cable?
  3. I have the same thing at my house. I see you refereing to one of the laptops as traveling, I'm guessing that means that is it a work computer. I believe it is because the computers are on different domains so they don't talk with each other.
  4. I really would like to get the last piece of my LOR equipment sold since I'm not planning on using it. I am now going to offce my 16D controller at $165 or make an offer.
  5. No body has them. I've gone to Lowes, Home Depot and Ace and they don't have a coupler. I went and purchased a tap and made it into SAE (I think 5/8). I kept the nipple on the motor metric and then use a SAE all thread on the other end.
  6. he is answering emails. I already boughts, paid and picked up my c9 stringers, star and some strobes from him.
  7. No, it isn't a DIY board and it is a complete controller.
  8. Only thing left is the 16D controller.
  9. The only thing that I have left is the 16D controller.
  10. NEW Prices $150.00 for the PC's $190.00 for the 16D
  11. I have posted this on the Florida in hopes that they may be used and purchased in Florida. This is what I have left. 2 LOR PC complete with dongles $165.00 each 1 LOR 16D complete with dongles $210 setup for 30 amp If you are interested please PM me and let me know. These have been in use for 3 years and were soldered by me.
  12. I'm going to revise the last post. I still have the 2 complete PC boards available and the 16D controllers.
  13. I currently have the 4 individual boards sold but still waiting on the payment. I have a potential buyer for the 2 complete PC boards. The only thing that I really have left is the 16D controller. If I don't hear back from the person about the PC I'll post back on here about the boards.
  14. Nothing is officially sold. I did get a PM about the Complete PC sets almost instantly so sent them some more info. I also sent a message to relxerd to show my controller box that the boards are mounted in. I'm still taking offers.
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